26 pax gathered in Latham Park beside a borrowed and brightly colored shovel flag. The newly designed Rainbow Dash flag scared off a few FNG’s so it was all regulars this morning. A brief intro/ disclaimer was given, some confusing instruction and the warm up mosey was under way. We stopped at some stations to show the #SugarRays where they would be headed.  Continue mosey to the big gravel lot behind the baseball field for =


Seal Claps IC X 25

Sun Gods (forward) X 10, (backward) X 10

Air Claps IC  X 10

Merkins IC X 10

Potato Planters IC X 10

Monkey Humpers IC X 12

Mosey to the basketball court to start the-


Partnering up with similar speed there is plenty of mosey in this thang with stations spread a pretty good ways apart. Maybe 100-200 yards for some.

Station 1 Burpee’s

Burpee X 5

Broad Jump Burpee X 5

Boxed Feet Burpee X 5

Half Burps X 5

Bear Crawl to flag approx. 25 yards out

Run to the bathhouse with a half wall for-

Station 2- Upper Body

Dips X 20

Derkins X 15

Merkins X 10

Diamond Merkins X 5

Mosey to the lot near the flag for –

Station 3- Lower Body

Wojo squat w Jump X 20

Monkey Humpers X 15

180 Deg Squat Jump X 10

Lunge X 5 each leg

Mosey to –

Station 4- Core

Plank Jacks X 20

Mountain Climbers X 20

Parker Peters X 20

Freddy Mercs X 20

Rinse and Repeat until 6:08 and gather back towards the Shovel Flag for –


Low Dolly IC X 20


Tammy jumped in and lead –

Low Slow Flutter IC X 20

American Hammer IC X 20

COT– Paula Dean took us out in a wide arm, wet BOM with an awesome prayer !

Announcements / Moleskin

  • Amphibious reminded us of #Arise w Boat Show on the Q. There will also be the service piece that will only take about 5-7 minutes and is a very rewarding way to start your morning.
  • Man Eater announced the baby making being done by Tetanus and Drago. Praise for the healthy baby’s and prayers for them as they these new lives are getting started.
  • Chip’s on the 3rd F opportunity at Pandera 6:30-7:00 .YHC got to post for this and was glad for it. Great group and enjoyed lifting the men up in our group that need it.
  • T-Claps for Woody for promoting the Dash by running the new flag through downtown Greensboro this morning! He may start to drive his car to the wo’s again after that.
  • Excellent effort by all the Pax this morning at The Grinder. Thanks for your patience with the Q as the directions and  wo seemed easier to explain on paper.

Its always a blessing for me to lead this group and I am grateful for the opportunity.


PAX: minimal

QIC: yes