A sub for the sub while Big Mitt was touring subs at one of our country’s greatest landmarks. T-claps to Bird’s Nest for stepping up to Q after Wicked took a nasty spill and was on the mend.

Introductions, disclaimers to all 13 pax including 2 FNGs (Van Halen, Scrappy) before they were off to sink some blimps.


Mosey, warmarama on bball courtt, mosey to USA map court for more warmarama,


3 man teams on field for Thang: 1 pax working on team blimps (50-100-150-200-250-300), 1 pax running in between and 3rd pax doing any ab exercise; keep flapjacking among the 3 until team blimps accomplished; mosey to picnic tables for 60 seconds of dips;


led by VQ Scooby


Bird”s Nest took the men out


T-claps to Wicked and Bird’s Nest for stepping up and keeping the AO alive. Hushpuppy on the Q for this coming Tuesday.


~ Big Mitt

PAX: Bird’s Nest

QIC: 05/31/16