35 Brave Pax joined Gilligan and YHC this morning for some parking deck work.  Half followed Gilligan to Center City Park for Warm a rama and the Spiral deck for the thang while the other half came with YHC to an open church street lot for warm a rama and the Chruch street deck for The Thang.

Warm a Rama

25 IC x SSH

25 IC x Windmill

25 IC x Imperial Walkers

Run to the top of the deck

15 IC x Peter Parkers

15 IC x Parker Peters


Complete the exercise at the top of the deck and run down one level to complete the next exercise.  Upon finishing level 1 exercise, run back to the top and complete the top of the deck exercise.  Run down two levels to complete the next exercise, complete level 1 exercise on the way back up and then complete top of deck exercise.  Rinse and Repeat this routine for a total of 6 stations.

Top of Deck: 10 x Burpees

1st level Down: 10 x Lunges each leg

2nd level Down: 25 x Merkins

3rd level Down: 25 x Crunchy Frogs

4th level Down: 25 x Carolina Dry Docks

Bottom Level: 10 x Frog Jump plus Burpee

Most everyone completed 50 Burpees, 50 lunges each leg, 100 merkins, 75 Crunchy Frogs, 50 Carolina Dry Docks, 10 Frog Jump plus Burpees.  A few folks completed a bit more.


Gilligans crew was a bit more punctual than YHC’s.  Gilligan and co. knocked out 2 sessions of Mary including low slow flutters.  We joined and completed the following together:

25 IC x Crunchy Frogs

30 IC x American Hammers


Thank you to Chinese Downhill (Gilligans brother) from Cary for coming out to spend some QT with us.

Feed the Hunger, Bryan Park Soccer Fields, June 18th at 4:30


We all took a knee and J Love took us out.  Thank you brother.

Thank you to the PAX for giving Gilligan and I the opportunity to lead this morning.





PAX: Chips, Cheesy Poof, Lynda, Wildcat, Birdsnest, Gunny, Gilligan, Chinese Downhill, Woody, Amphibious, Hackman, Leverage, Boatshow, Secretary, Grafitti, Herme, Ms. Daisy, Rock o la, Elsa, Truth, JR, Sully, J Love, Defib, Drysdale, G String, Hoser, Estrogen, Earl Gray, Profit, Tammy, House Call, Wilson, Gold Digger, Earhardt, Elmer, Hushpuppy

QIC: Gilligan and Hushpuppy