Sixteen men,including one FNG, joined YHC on an interval run throughout Old Starmout.


SSH x 25 IC

Don Quixote x 20 IC

5 minute warm-up run to corner of Starmount Drive & Knollwood

The Thang

Pyramid intervals as follows, up Knollwood, right on Madison, left on W Avondale, right on Edgewater to Homewood Hill. #crowdfavorite.  Each recovery called for the speedy Gonzaleses (Gonzalezai?) to walk back toward the 6, if not behind the 6, to keep the crew together.

15 sec at 85% effort, 15 sec recovery, rinse & repeat 3 times

30 sec at 85%, 30 sec recovery, rinse & repeat 3 times

45 sec at 85%, 45 sec recovery, rinse & repeat 3 times

60 sec at 85%, 60 sec recovery, rinse & repeat 3 times

By this time, we found ourselves at the bottom of Homewood Hill. We attacked it once, then back down for another round.  Halfway back down the second time, YHC called an Omaha for some Monkeyhumpers at the El Camino, then hustle to the summit one last time.  Everyone seemed to enjoy that leg burner.

Homewood to Market, right on Market, then back to the virtual shovel flag.  Safe to say that all were gassed at the end.

All told, we ran roughly 3.29 miles in ~36 minutes. Unless you check Graffiti’s watch.  He ran 14 miles right along side the rest of us.

4 Minutes of Mary

LBCs x 25 IC

Freddy Mercury x 20 IC

Low Slow Flutters x 15 IC

American Hammer x 20 IC




  • Udders has a friend going to Zimbabwe collecting basketballs and air pumps
  • Convergence on Memorial Day
  • Welcome Dr. Matt Eskridge – UTI – our FNG for the day.  TClaps to Explosion for getting into the gloom.


PAX: Nancy

QIC: 05/26/2016