Shout out to my son who turned 3 today.  What’s that have to do with a Natty’s Hump workout?  Well really nothing but that didn’t stop 34 real men from getting out of bed on Hump Day to #getbetter and sharpen a little iron.  While Baker fart sacked we got to work on the following:

Mosey: Toward Pisgah Church Rd through the Cemetary Parking Lot on our way to the church parking lot when, what just happened, a sharp left turn took us into traffic and straight to the CVS parking lot.

Warm O Rama: To everyone’s delight the Burpee Circle commenced.  Perform said exercise while the Burpee goes around and around.



Imperial Walker


Toy Soldier

Crab Cake (yes you can go from a Crab Cake to a Burpee but it takes some coordination!!)

Mosey: Back across traffic and to the Safety Town parking lot

The Thang:

Partner up and after the partners perform each of the following sets of exercises once both partners run around the parking lot and back for the next exercise:

Hand Clap Merkins x 20

Jump Squats x 20

Dying Cockroach x 26

Partner Decline Merkins x 15

Jump Knee Tucks x 15

WWII Sit Ups x 20

Wait a minute OMG what is that smell??? It appears Viagra just performed a set laying in a pile of dog excrement (feces).  Not good because he’s my partner!!!!! Hang in there little buddy it doesn’t smell that bad……….Bodette don’t run away.

Hand Release Merkins x 15

Squat Step Ups x 15

Leg Throw Downs x 20

Bed Bug called LBC’s x 25 while pax completed last exercise

StageFright led us in Merkins x 20 then one last run around the parking lot

Mosey: Back to Shovel Flag


Low Dolly x 20

American Hammer x 20

Freddie Mercury x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

COT: Yeti

Great work today Men.  I really enjoyed being in the gloom and putting in the work with you guys.



Butt Fumble


QIC: 06/01/2016