After Memorial Day Weekend with the “Murph” challenge 2016 completed, YHC introduce a new method of training to 9 Lucky Pax that turned out expecting pull-ups. For the remainder of the summer, there will be a new twist every other week at the “Murph” AO. In alternating fashion, starting today, we will be doing a dynamic stretch workout one week, followed by a training workout designed to improve on our ability to complete the “Murph” Challenge for 2017! In typical F3 fashion, each week will represent a different workout designed to lengthen and strengthen the muscles for high intensity training, and the alternating weeks we will improve our power to weight ratios via traditional “Murph” workouts…. Here is how we kicked off the program today:

Warmarama: Mosey for 3/4 mile to warm up the muscles and ligaments.

Thang: 35 minutes of dynamic / static stretches

  1. Bar Hang
  2. Standing Hamstring Stretch
  3. Standing Quadriceps Stretch
  4. 4. Bar Hang – Side to Side stretch
  5. Dynamic Chest Swings
  6. Static Chest Stretch
  7. Bar Hang Knee Tucks
  8. Split Stretch – Both Sides
  9. Seated Hamstring Stretch
  10. Prone Hamstring Stretch
  11. Side to Side Knee Stretch – Static and Dynamic
  12. Overhead Tricep StretcH
  13. Seated Roll Back Stretch
  14. Bar Hang Toe Touches
  15. Mosey to Shovel Flag

Mary: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% – 40 Yd. Dash X 2


Hope everyone is feeling loose and ready for the Funk or Fringe!

Aye Wicked

PAX: Wicked

QIC: 06/02/16