Awesome job this morning coming back from yesterdays workouts!  Those were tough.

Perfect morning for a good #easyday –

5:30 sharp – .5 mile run at 8.5 pace, 60 second plank with variations by TPS, Table 30 seconds, hip flexor stretch 30 seconds both sides, 6″ with Boy Wonder with 30 count, and hamstring stretch with final 6″ hold for 45 seconds by JR.

Partner Up for stations – (6) teams of 2.  (1) Exercise each station performed with weights.  One partner performs exercise A with reps while partner B does AMRAP on other exercise.  One reps completed, switch exercises.  Once completed both exercises, team goes to next station.

Station #1

Partner A – T bar Merkins x 20

Partner B – LBCs


Station #2

Partner A – Overhead Press x 30

Partner B – Jump Squats


Station #3

Partner A – Bent Row x 30

Partner B – Burpees


Station #4

Partner A – Curls x 30

Partner B – Low Slow Flutter Kicks


Station #5

Partner A – Tricep Extensions x 30

Partner B – Alternating Should Taps

 Station #6

Partner A – Kettlebell Swing x 50

Partner B – Sit Ups


 Station #7

Partner A – Diamond Push Ups x 30

Partner B – Freddy Mercury


 Station #8

Partner A – Clean and Press x 30 

Partner B – Air Claps


Station #9

Partner A – Table Bench Press x 20 each arm

Partner B – ABCs – spell the alphabet with feet together


Station #10

Partner A – Man Makers (by Dos) Burpee with plank jack and standing with weights x 12

Partner B – Man Makers x 12


After full rotation +1, all teams met back in the center for some Mary.  Plank until 6 was in.  Plank on elbows for 45 second count by Snowden.  American Hammer x 20 IC.

Nice work all!

COT by Huffy!

Awesome job this morning!



PAX: JR, Hoser, Graffiti, Boy Wonder, TPS, Huffy, Brown Noser, Snowden, Ms. Daisy, Marshal, Kicker, Wilson

QIC: Wilson