After an Indian Run and brief Warm-o-rama with some of the usual exercises like SSHs, Merkins and others, 9 PAX did their best to fend off “Dad Bod” in honor of the Memorial Day weekend as the unofficial start to summer. As a means of recovering from the 1st “Murph” workout in Kernersville yesterday and the 90 minute Convergence in Greensboro, we started with Mary and stuck by her until Sally made a late appearance:

30 MOM

30 LBCs (IC)

30 Flutter Kicks (IC)

20 Dying Cockroach (IC)

30 WWI Sit-ups (OYO)

20 Freddie Mercury (IC)

20 Dollys (IC)

40 Cindy Crawfords (20 each side IC)

20 V-ups (OYO)

Homer/Marge/Mr. Burns until QIC tired

15 Crunchy Frogs (IC)

40 Superman Sun Gods (20 forward/20 backward IC)

25 American Hammers (IC)

4 Minutes of Sally

PAX circled up and completed the Sally Up/Sally Down merkin challenge to Moby’s Flower.

Indian Run around the park & circle up for Name-o-rama.


Oak Ridge ‘Run The Ridge’ and Run the Runway events are both this upcoming Saturday. Visit  for additional details or to sign-up.

Please continue to pray for Dr. Evil and family as his 2.0 recovers from surgery and his father continues to deal with health concerns. 

COT: Thanks to Kay for leading us out in prayer. 

Always an honor,


PAX: 05/31/2016

QIC: Cube