It’s always an honor to Q, especially at Cornwallis’ Nightmare where #Natville F3 began.  So this point along with the start of Memorial Day weekend already had YHC thinking that something special needed to be brought to the PAX. Then on Friday when Wait Time tweeted that he was back from Omaha, that necessitated a little more! So the decision was made to bring a smoke fest workout that would also reacquaint the PAX to one of the AO’s most sinister hills! 19 Natville PAX joined the Fray today, including Wait Time and Natville original redwood Bumblebee (after nearly a year away).

With the usual disclaimer and a special Memorial Day request to veteran Inspired to carry the CN Shovel Flag during the workout today, we moseyed to the end of the parking area near the Country Park gate.


  • SSH X 15 (IC)
  • Imperial Walkers X 15 (IC)
  • Sungods X 15 (IC both directions) – special guest Q by Wait Time
  • Lucky 7s (merkins, werkins, diamond merkinds) X 7 each (IC)
  • Wojo Squats X 15 (IC)

Snookie grabs shovel flag and Pax mosey through Country Park gate down to stop sign, turn right and stop along path and gather for instructions for…

The Thang:

It’s been a while since the dreaded Country Park hill was part of a Cornwallis’ Nightmare workout, but this one was a no-brainer to re-introduce the Pax to some leg muscles we haven’t used in a while.  YHC freely admits that what was on paper and initially called out was a bit agressive!

Part I: Ladder of 11’s

Pax runs down hill to bottom for 1 burpee, then runs backward up the hill for 10 merkins. Run forward down the hill, knock out 2 burpees, the run backwards up hill for 9 merkins. Repeato until 10 burpees at the bottom and 1 merkin at the top. Due to the just plan nastiness of the hill, YHC called OMAHA and we stopped after completing 8 burpees and 3 merkins.  There was no mumblechatter or complaining from the PAX! #smoked #brokenladder

Following the broken ladder, we moseyed down to the flat area just beyond the hill to find cones set approximately 40 yards apart.  What could this be…

Part II: The Arkloader (of course) – execute each exercise one way to opposite cone

  • Frog Hop
  • Bear Shot in the Leg Crawl
  • Duck Walk
  • Crab Walk
  • Bunny Hop

Not sure what the heck Bed Bug was doing instead of Frog Hops and Duck Walks – something near but not quite a skip, a frolic or a Monty Python Holy Grail Coconut Gallup.  Mumblechatter about goose poop in the grass and general Bed Bug harassment ensured so the entire Pax finished the ark with said Gallup.

Mosey across footbridge deeper into Country Park to the flat field area adjacent to the lake…

Part III: Four Corner Partner Work

Shovel Flag was planted in the middle of the field. Pax was instructed to pair up (size definitely matters) and then spread out to the cones at the four corners.  Two times through with alternating upper body and lower body exercises.  Partner Carries between corners on the long sides and wheel barrows on the short sides. Plank around shovel flag to wait on the 6 when done.

  • Makhtar N’Diayes X 25 / Partner Derkins X 25 (Partner Carry to next cone)
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps X 25 / Crab Cakes X 25 (Wheel Barrow to next cone)
  • Peter Parker Peters X 25 / Carolina Dry Docks X 25 (Partner Carry to next cone)
  • Hand-Slap Merkins X 25 / WWII Sit Ups with partner plank (Wheel Barrow to next cone)

More goose poop combined with excitement over alternating partner carries and wheel barrows led to a good bit of mumble chatter.  PAX were advised to approach partner carries based on what they could do and they did – everything from fiiremans/over the shoulder carry, to piggy back, to battlefield carries, to push-your-partner were all used.

Nearing time limit, we collected cones/instructions and moseyed back across foot bridge across field to road for trek back toward shovel flag.  Several PAX in front decided to take the narrow trail shortcut back up to the Country Park gate to reduce the running and, unknowingly, expose the PAX to poison ivy, snakes and who knows what else. #Iitchtoday.

Having more Thang planned than we had time for, YHC was ready for this shortcut and was determined to burn out the legs a little more. So at the gate the PAX spread out across the parking area for Dan Taylors to the end of the median.  Mumblechatter and whining ensued. YHC smiled!

From here the PAX formed into two lines for Double Applesauce mosey back to the shovel flag gathering spot.  The cool thing about this ending mosey is that one of the lines passed the CN shovel flag to each member coming to the front of the line, catching the attention of many in the park!  #wouldhavemadeagreatpicture

A very quick MARY:

With a mere minute (maybe less) left in this workout, we finished with two quick exercises:

  • Bay City Scissors X 15 (IC)
  • American Hammer X 15 (IC)


  • Great work today.  It was great seeing everyone today and especially nice to welcome back Wait Time (from Omaha) and Bumblebee (from the fartsack). #Kotters to you both!  Bumblebee, you represented strong, brother – good work! Wait Time, you are a BEAST!
  • TClaps to Matlock & Butt Fumble for calling an OMAHA Convergence on the Northern Ruckus to post with Wait Time today. Nicely done men!
  • You have to love the Snookie/Bed Bug mumblechatter banter and you know it is going to be a good workout for mumblechatter when Snookie starts on Bed Bug before he even gets out of the car!
  • TClaps to Beaver for Qing at Inside Voices and then showing up for Cornwallis’ Nightmare. Stinky Cheese and 3-for-1 showed up for COT after Inside Voices – must have got caught up at coffeeteria…
  • Hope you all enjoyed the throwback workout routines and the re-introduction of the brutal Country Park Hill.  That hiss is steep running forwards but just plain nasty running backwards!


  • Next Saturday, June 4, Community Housing Solutions Workday. Butt Fumble is Q.  Gutting a bathroom and work under the house are the jobs with a lot of demolition.  Need as many PAX as possible. Email with more information will be coming out. Contact Butt Fumble if you can join. Workday to start right after workouts next Saturday.
  • Thanks from Matlock for coming out to HDHH Wednesday as $500 was raised for mission trip to Nicaragua. Youth for Christ very appreciative!
  • Stinky Cheese requested help and a truck to move a refrigerator after the workout.  TClaps to Butt Fumble for offering his truck for the job.
  • Memorial Day Convergence workout at Circle Time. IBeam on Q. Special launch time at 6:30. This will be a 90 minute workout!
  • Two 5K race options next Saturday: Race the Runway at PTI Airport, Run at Oak Ridge Town Park. Natville guys scheduled to be at both.
  • Coffeeteria after workout today at Brueggers


YHC took us out.

As always, it was an honor and a privelage to lead today.


PAX: Wojo

QIC: 05/28/16