11 PAX including QIC enjoyed a nice, humid morning at the Dash.  Here is what went down.


SSH X 20

Q then decided to Omaha since the energy level was a bit low with the PAX and we went to a burpee circle.

Sun Gods Forward and Backward, Moroccan Nightclubs!, Squats

Thang Part 1 – 

Went over to the sledding hill to the right of Mendenhall.  Jacobs Ladder – to 11 with Crucible Merkins up top and Copperhead Squats down low.

At this point, Q realized he may have bitten off more than he could handle – but decided to proceed to the turd sandwich, otherwise known at Thang part 2.

Thang Part 2 – Partner Merkin Ladder

Partnered up (size and speed mattered to some extent) – each partner ran in opposite directions of the track and met on the side – performed 20 combined partner derkins.  Then ran back in opposite directions and did 19 hand slap partner merkins.

Each half lap the rep went down to one.  At about 15, both Chips and I agreed this might have been too much.  However, the PAX pushed through and everyone finished.  Very impressed.

A few folks ran an extra lap and then moseyed back to the shovel can.


Homer to Marge (of course!)


American Hammer

At this point, Q gets his phone and figured maybe someone would call out 5 burpees OYO.  However, apparently the 200 or so merkins were not enough for Sugar Cake who called 20 merkins IC.  Chips added a slow cadence 21st in honor of Memorial Day!

Total Merkins – 251 – Total mileage – roughly 3-3.25.

COT – IBeam

Thank you guys – I always appreciate the effort and energy – it is truly an honor.


– Memorial Day – don’t forget what this weekend is all about (Thanks Chips!)

– Tesla – contact I-Beam at aduggins@newpagecapital.com to help out with Tesla – son has had multiple strokes and will be in the hospital for an extended period – going to help with some hotels to give the parents some rest outside of hospital.

– Monday – No Latham Grinder or Quaker Crater – CONVERGE at Circle Time.  Arrive at 6:25, start time at 6:30 – 90 minute workout!


PAX: I-Beam

QIC: 05/28/2016