22 PAX answered the call to start the Memorial Day weekend out right.

Mosey to the GDS courtyard for the usual warmup.

Intro to the Liger Crawl – slow motion crawl on hands and toes like a liger sneaking up on prey. Forward approx.. 10 yds, then reverse to starting point.

Mosey back to lot for some weight work.

We did 2 set of listed exercises with a lap around the track in between.

Lunge w/twist

Figure 8

Intro to Crush-grip dead lift. Place palms on either end of dumbbell and press together while doing a dead lift. This engages biceps and chest.

Clean to squat

Overhead Press

Bicep curls

Standing row


Tricep extensions


Sit-ups with weight


After 2 rounds, we each took turns pushing a weighted sled…AKA car..around the parking lot. Tough to pull off and keep everyone engaged, so thanks to those who stepped up to entertain those who were waiting their turn.



Low Dolly

Dying Cockroach

American Hammer


Sacked is getting some injections in his hip soon. Pray that they will do their job and that he’ll heal quickly.

TPS is looking for Q’s for Cougar Town.

Stinky Cheese needs help moving a refrigerator tomorrow.

Convergence at Jesse Wharton (Circle Time)…No workouts at Grinder or Crater

Snookie’s friend Lisa Nelson may need back fusion. Pray Dr’s will make right choices.

For those who know Wapner…GOOD NEWS…the results from his tests revealed no cancer.


COT: Snookie

Well done gents. I appreciate the participation and hard work I saw out there. Have a safe Memorial Day weekend, and don’t forget the sacrifice that has been and is being made so we can enjoy the freedoms this country offers.



PAX: Nomad

QIC: 05/27/2016