22 veteran PAX posted in the glorious gloom.  After the standard intro, moseyed over to SPC parking lot for Warm-O-Rama…


SSH x 25 (IC)

Sun gods, forward x 15 (IC)

Sun gods, reverse x 15 (IC)

Squated air claps x 20 (IC)

Don Quixotes x 15 (IC) (Q strayed from weinke and caved to Amphibious’ request)

Before moving on to the Thang, paired up for some wheelbarrow and partner-carry action: wheelbarrow down the parking lot, carry back the “wheel”, switch and repeat.  Wheelbarrow was a crowd pleaser, elevating the mumblechatter.  From SPC, moseyed further west to the office building yonder.

The Thang

Counted off by four and deployed to respective pain stations in the parking lot near each corner of the building.  After completing the exercises at the current station OYO, move on to the next station.

Station #1:

a) Double-wide merkin x 20

b) Plank jacks x 20

c) Prisoner squats x 20

Station #2:

a) Diamond merkins x 20

b) Mountain climbers x 20

c) Star jacks x 30 #harderthantheylook

Station #3:

a) Carolina dry docks x 20

b) Gorilla humpers x 20 (like monkey humpers but with wide stance)

c) LBC x 40

Station #4:

a) 1-8-1 burp & merk pyramid (*)

b) Wojo squats x 20

c) Turkish get-ups x 15

(*) TClaps to groups 2, 3, and 4, for applying the pyramid routine to the merkins and burpees.  This equation needed parentheses:

burp & (merk pyramid) != (burp & merk) pyramid

In his defense, YHC enters into evidence an excerpt from the Exicon:

Burp & Merk: Begin a traditional burpee with a single push up at the bottom, then complete. Drop back down for a second burpee with two push ups, then complete. Pyramid up to 5 if your a girl or 10 if your a man, pyramid all the way back down to one if your an F3 Man!! Hooah! (Thanks Daphne in Greensboro.)

YHC was in group 1, and so did not set the routine straight until groups 2, 3, and 4 had already done all the extra burpees.  Admittedly, YHC should have explained this one a little better.  YHC will also go ahead and shamelessly admit that group 1 did it the way it was intended.


Scissor Kick x 20 (IC)

Low Dolly x 20 (IC)

Crunchy Frogs x 20 (IC)

Plank work led by Explosion, featuring a crowd pleasing extended 6 inch hold.

American Hammer x 20 (IC)


Thank you Paula Deen for bringing the workout to a close and making us ready for the day ahead.


The station work was intended to be OYO, and while each individual PAX worked through the exercises at his own pace, the groups stuck together and moved from station to station as a unit.  YHC hadn’t planned this, but as Gunny pointed out, sticking together and advancing through the Thang as a unit really enhanced the workout.  Despite being OYO, the sense of teamwork was strong.

TClaps to Bulldog – new to the AO, he just missed the PAX as they moseyed off to SPC.  He stuck around doing his own workout and joined the PAX for Mary.

Nancy is still harboring discontent after the recent renaming of the second Amelia.


1. Prophet: on June 18th, bring non-perishable food items to the soccer stadium at Bryan Park.  Two soccer games will be played during the event, one for the girls and one for the guys.

2. Gunny: 3rd F immediately following SSS at Friendly Shopping Center Harris Teeter, 6:30 – 7:00.

3. Amphibious: not an announcement really, just a loud groan… cause/meaning undetermined.

Thank you PAX, and great work this morning!

– Calculus

PAX: Beaver, G-String, Graffiti, Marshall, Cheesy Poof, Amphibious, Prophet, Earhart, Stubing, Earl Grey, Explosion, Nancy, Paula Deen, Bulldog, Gunny, Splinter, Cavity, Kicker, Hackman, 3-for-1, Gold Digger, Calculus (QIC)

QIC: Calculus