It was a beautiful morning in the country (aka Oak Ridge).  14 pax fought and defeated the fartsack to join YHC for some exercise at Oak Ridge Town Park.  It went down something like this:

Mosey to flagpole for Pledge of Allegiance


20 X SSH in cadence

15 X Moroccan Nightclub in cadence

15 X Windmills (Heisenberg special) in cadence

15 X Sun Gods (sobriety style) in cadence

15 X Reverse Sun Gods (sobriety style) in cadence

The Thang

Mosey to Picnic Shelter

10 X Dallas Dips in cadence

15 X Cusack Squats in cadence

Mosey to Parking Lot

25 yards of Lieutenant Dans/Zombie Walk

25 yards of High Knees

For the next part of the thang we split into 2 groups.  Group 1 ran suicides in the parking lot while Group 2 got a present from Stubing:  cinder blocks!  After hearing of Stubing’s beatdown the previous day at Quaker Crater the pax were a little upset and nervous #strongmumblechatter.  Each pax did 10 rows, 10 skullcrushers, and 10 presses (in cadence) until Group 1 arrived.  We then traded off and planked until the 6 was in.

After a standing 10 count we then proceeded to the football field.  Strong mumble chatter as memories of Spurrier’s VQ and the 100 yards of bear crawl was fresh in the pax’s mind.  But that’s not how YHC rolls.  YHC instructed pax to sprint to the 50 yard line, do 10 merkins, then sprint to the end zone fence and do 10 merkins.  After a standing 10 count YHC asked Heisenberg what he would like to do on the trip back.  Heisenberg said sprint to the 50, do 10 Monkey Humpers, sprint to end zone, then 10 Copperhead Squats.

After a standing 10 count and a mosey back to the parking lot we split back into our groups.  Group 1 did an Indian Run to a random Chrysler in the parking lot before returning to the shovel flag.  Group 2 did an Indian Run to the concession stand before returning to the Shovel Flag.


15 X Apollo Creeds in cadence

Johnny Cash (5 merkins per pax)

15 X American Hammer in cadence

Song time – today’s selection was “American Woman” by Lenny Kavitz.  Start in plank and do a plankjack every time you hear “American” or “Woman” #appropriatesongchoicewithDr.Evilpicturefromyesterday’stweet #AustinPowers

Great work by the pax today at Cadet Lab.  Legs should be feeling nice and toasty for a few hours #adviltime

COT = Nails took us out with prayer


  1. Our FNG today arrived after we started warmerama and departed before we left for the football field.  YHC takes full responsibility for his early withdrawal (did not see him leave).  Two of pax know him and will work on getting him back.
  2. T claps to Stubing for bringing his cinder blocks!  Definitely added a little something special to the workout.
  3. Please remember Surge’s family in your prayers.  Surge’s M’s grandfather passed away Saturday night.  Visitation is tonight (May 24th) from 6 pm to 8 pm at grandparents house (7776 Eversfield Road;  Summerfield, NC 27358).
  4. Special edition HDHH this Wednesday (May 25th) at Craft City Sip In at 2130 New Garden Road.  Matlock’s 2.0 (Carrot Top) is raising money for a mission trip to Nicaragua.  Come out and support this great cause!
  5. Convergence on Memorial Day at Circle Time (Jesse Wharton Elementary):  Monday, May 30th
  6. Bloodmobile on Sunday, June 26th.  40 pints of blood is the goal.  Let’s make it happen.  Butt Fumble will be sending out info via Twitter.
  7. Two races on Saturday, June 4th.  PTI Run the Runway 5k/10k at Piedmont Triad International Airport and Run the Ridge 5k in Oak Ridge.  Should be F3 guys at both events so tweet if you plan to run either event.

Thanks to all the pax who posted today (tied for top attendance here).  It was an honor to lead.



PAX: Udders

QIC: 05/24/16