Awesome work!

On a cool, dry Tuesday morning, the morning started out with:

2 minutes of plank, followed by table, leg stretch, arm stretch and hamstring leg stretch.

Teams of 3 assembled for some block work.  1 teammate at each end doing block exercises and 1 pax running between to relieve and rotate.  During running, intent was run fast 1/2 way and then sprint the other half.  We got a lot further this morning than previous runs because of the faster running.  Nice work!

Block Exercises (20 lb landscape block):

Station #1

  1. Upright Row
  2. Tricep Extension
  3. Curls
  4. Overhead Press
  5. Bent Row
  6. Jack Webb
  7. Straight Lifts
  8. Clean and Press
  9. Squat Jump w/b
  10. Burpees

Rinse and Repeat

Station #2

  1. Table with Block on top
  2. On arm curls
  3. Bench Press with Block
  4. Low Slow Flutter w/b
  5. Jack Webbs
  6. American Hammer w/b
  7. Pulse Tricep
  8. Pulse Curl
  9. American Hammer
  10. 8 part Body Builder

Rinse and Repeat

Most teams make it between 8-10 on the exercise list.  Nice work!  Garmin read 3.89 miles but that mileage is high (not connecting to GPS in parking deck).

COT by Ms. Daisy (Awesome work).


Daisy mentioned Hump Day happy hour this Wednesday at corner of New Garden and Battleground.

TPS needs Qs for Cougartown on Saturdays

Boone’s Farm needs Qs for Lunatic Fringe on Friday morning.

Butt Fumble is having the community project on 6/4 and needs guys for the bathroom remodel.  See sign up genius.  There is going to be demo involved.

PAX: Wilson

QIC: 5-24-16