14 pax including 3 FNGs posted on a soggy gloomy morning to see what twisted beatdown YHC had concocted for them.  Given the heavy promotional efforts by Woody and TPS for their respective AO’s, YHC was grateful for a strong turnout and the chance to “initiate” the 3 FNGs.


Single Applesauce Mosey to the front of Pisgah UMC with the 15lb hammer.

Burpee Circle: three times around for each exercise.


Copperhead Squat



Mosey back to the graveyard lot for the THANG 

There was a car parked in the graveyard lot.  This is unheard of and unacceptable at 7am on a Saturday.  The pax debated moving it but then we realized there was someone in the car.  We left him alone and then then once we started the driver left, creating an additional obstacle has he pulled out.

PuppyMonkeyBaby Repeats

Partner up.  One partner exercises and the other runs to the other speed bump and back, then flapjack.  Each pax does the exercises in the following order in between runs:

Puppy:  Bird Dogs alternating sides

Monkey: Monkey Humpers

Baby: LBCs

Rinse and Repeato for 10 minutes.  Heart rate is now up.

-“recovery” exercise:    10 Negative merkins (5 slow count down, one count up) IC

Mosey to the picnic table area for Part Deux:

10 Minute Wall Sit

Partner one does a wall sit, YHC’s 15 lb hammer is passed by the sitters with shoulder presses

Partner Two:  20 step ups, then 30 yd run to the graveyard lot and back – then 20 Dips


Rinse and Repeato for Ten Minutes

-10 more Negative Merkins IC

Mosey to the Baseball field for Part Trois

3) CIRCLE OF SQUAT:  Starting with 1 up to 14, each pax passes the hammer around the circle and calls out the squats.  Total of 105 squats

Peoples chair: Hold for 120 seconds

-10 More Negative Merkins

Mosey to Shovel Flag for MARY


10 Cindy Crawfords IC right side, 10 IC left side

20 High Dolly Whips IC

Protractors for a stupid long time

20 American Hammers IC


-TClaps to our FNGs today: The Wolf, 4 In a Row, and Wawrinka.  Great to see you here and you are welcome back anytime.

-Great to see the PAX at the Warmorama for the Heart Walk.  It was really cool to see 3000 ppl do Hillbillies.

-Fromage has a great command of counting to ten in Swedish…


YHC-HHDH will be at CRAFT CITY SIP IN off New Garden Road.  We will be taking donations to buy supplies for my 2.0s’ mission trip with Youth for Christ to Nicaragua in July.  There will be live music by the Kneads, a local band.  5:30-7:30ish.  YHC really appreciates your support!

COT:  Wicked led us in prayer.  Thanks, brother. You always pray from the heart and I appreciate it every time.

It was a blessing to lead.









PAX: Wojo, Bed Bug, Crawlspace, Buzz, Ozone, Wicked, On Time, Viagra, MacGyver, Wawrinka (FNG-David Spain), Fromage, 4 In a Row (FNG-Pete Barusic ); The Wolf (FNG-Eric Revel), Matlock (QIC)

QIC: Matlock