YHC was rolling in hot to Quaker Crater today. Usually a Q is the first one to show up at an AO; due to a 2.0 merlot splash (lemonade splash) at 1am, YHC was a little slower than usual. Was this a sign of things to come at the Quaker Crater? Surely not.  YHC was one of the last to show, if not the last. Phoenix, site Q was cool as could be regarding YHC’s (almost) late arrival.

After a quick hello and brief introduction, YHC got down to business. A salty group of 21 veteran PAX made a brief mosey from shovel flag down the street for the Warm A Rama.

Warm A Rama


15 Hillbillies IC

15 Imperial Walkers IC

30 25 Monkey Humpers YHC noticed some PAX Whiskey-Dicking (see lexicon) the monkey humpers. YHC cut the number short to speed up the forthcoming pain.

The Thang:

Short mosey towards the back parking lot for a stop at the hill, count off by twos.  #Mumblechatter was thick regarding the hill, and intensified once instructions were given. PAX were split up so everyone could perform hill exercises due to space and number of PAX.

Make 10, yes 10 round trips up and down the hill. Perform 5 burpees at the top of the hill, 10 crunchy frogs at the bottom. Bear crawl up the hill, mosey down. Some PAX opted for a dry butt, so they flapjacked the burpees and crunchy frogs. #wetbuttisokatF3

Once PAX were finished on hill, mosey up to the back parking lot of the school. Concrete blocks await with a sheet of instructions.  Partner up and perform the following: Partner 1 takes a lap with a block around the parking lot, while Partner 2 performs list of exercises. Flapjack. Prescribed exercises are 200 Merkins, 300 LBCs and 200 squats. The count is to be done individually, not with your partner. Again, #mumblechatter was thick.  YHC casually mentioned to PAX this was payback for those who failed to post at Inside Voices on Saturday. (Wilson delivered an epic beatdown, so YHC stole part of it.) PAX did an outstanding job during the Thang. For the record, the blocks weigh in at a mere 36lbs. Good work by all. YHC believes he finished with 3 or 4 laps, 100 Merkins, and 170+ LBCs before time was called. YHC lost count, so there is some possible exaggeration. #shorttermmemory. Time was called for Mary, so mosey back to the shovelflag.


6Min of Mary:

Cumberland County Viaduct: 10 each side IC

Plank. Then 6in. hold for 30 sec. #crowdpleaser

Freddy Mercury:  25 IC

Low Slow Flutter: 19 IC

American Hammer: 20 IC



3rd F Lawndale Panera. 6:30. All are welcome.

Special Edition HDHH this Wednesday. Craft City Sip in. 2130 New Garden Rd.  Matlock’s 2.0s are raising money for a mission trip this summer to Nicaragua.  Come out and support this great cause.

Convergence on Memorial Day @Circle Time, Jesse Wharton Elementary.

Blood Mobile June 26. 40 pints of blood donated is the goal. Let’s make it happen. Butt Fumble will be sending out info with a Tweeeeet.

COT: Jitterbug took us out. Thank you sir.


Thanks to all the PAX who powered through the workout in the gloom alongside YHC. Getting through the workout alongside other PAX is my favorite part of the day. T-claps to LYnda for circling back to help load the blocks. #Him.





PAX: Stubing

QIC: 05/23/16