21 pax hit the Grinder to get the week started off right.  There were no FNGs so we skipped the formalities and hit it:



10 Sun Gods Sobriety Style Forward IC, 10 Reverse IC

10 Moroccan Night Clubs IC

20 Imperial Walkers IC

15 String Rippers IC

We stayed put for the THANG 

PART 1) DirtyMacDeuce:

4 sets of three exercises done to 12 repetitions at a four-count, with 12 seconds of rest in-between each set.  Each set consists of a chest/ab/core.

Set One: Merkin, LBC, Copperhead Squat

Set Two:  Werkins, Low Slow Flutter, pickle pusher (ahh, the mumblechatter)

Set Three:  Drydocks, American Hammers, mountain climbers

Set Four: Dive bomber merkins, Freddie Mercury, crab cakes

Mosey to the second ball field, the one with the least amount of standing water, for:

Part 2) Four-corner double merkin burpee (DMB) ladder. At Home plate 1 DMB, at the right field corner, 2 DMBs, at the center field sign, 3 DMBs, at the left field corner, 4 DMBs, back to Home plate for rinse and repeat for ten minutes.

Needed a ten count after this one, then mosey back to the parking lot.  Woody suggested we go straight to Name-o-rama but, alas, it was only 6:00 am, so on to:

Part 3Modified Devin Hesters:   Partner up.  Partner one sits Indian style 10 yards in front of Partner two: On go both sprint 50 yds and Partner two tries to catch Partner One.  Flapjack, rinse and repeat for ten sprints.

YHC must not have explained this one properly, because the first try was a train wreck.  The PAX adapted quickly and it was smooth sailing after that.  To YHC’s recollection, no PAX was caught by their partner, although Maneater came pretty dang close to being caught by Amphibious.  #wheels

Back to the shovel flag for Mary. We realized the area around the shovel flag was a swamp due to yesterdays downpour, so we went back to the asphalt for:

6 MOM:   Six minute plank-o-rama

1 min regular

30 sec right leg up

30 sec left leg up

1 minute regular

30 sec right side with left arm up

30 sec left side with right arm up

30 sec minute regular

30 sec 6in plank

1 minute regular


-Nice to have Class Five join us from CLT.  Too bad you forgot your gloves!  You are welcome back anytime.

-Class Five asked me if I had been in the Army.  No, but YHC did go to Q School once…

-Great work by all today.  Saw Bird’s Nest rubbing his hammy at the end, hope that’s nothing serious!


Amphibious: New AO, Arise, at Grace UMC is a chance to workout and serve after.  Great turnout last week.

YHC: HDHH at Craft City Sip In on New Garden Road, Wednesday at 5:30-7:30, to support my 2.0s’ Mission trip with Youth for Christ to Nicaragua. Live music and 2nd F. Hope to see you there!

COT:  Birds Nest took us out.  Thanks for your leadership.

Its was an honor to lead today. Thanks for the opportunity to give back to this incredible group.



PAX: Scooby Doo, Sir Purr, Avocado, Hermie, War Damn Eagle, I-Beam, Tammy, Birds Nest, Woody, G-String, Daisy, Amphibious, Gilligan, Bartman, Maneater, Explosion, Dr. Phil, Class Five, Hoser, Matlock (QIC)

QIC: Matlock