Admittedly, I felt a little pressure Q’ing one of #Natville’s largest regularly attended A/O’s.  You just know there will be lots ‘o Sugar Rays in attendance.  But wait!  I have the Q extraordinaire, Butt Fumble himself as my co-Q.  No worries here then, especially when YHC shows up at the deck to help layout the #DRP signage and he casually walks over – “It’s all done bro. We’re good!”  Yes, yes we are.
Co-Q’s arrived early to Children’s Museum to plant the flag and lo & behold Old Glory was already firmly planted beckoning the men of GSO to come and take the Daily Red Pill.  34 of #Natville’s absolute finest + one Coastal friend, Duck Butter, answered the call with Butt Fumble and YHC.  All soon found out Quicken and another unknown Sugar Ray distrusted the beatdown to ensue by YHC, so they planted the SF early and went for a brief extra credit saunter around town.  Hopefully the following 45 minutes didn’t disappoint.
After brief intro, welcome to FNG Rock-Ola and disclaimer, the Uptown Funk PAX were off on a brisk Mosey to Center City Park for the…
SSH x 30 IC
Lucky 7’s – Diamond, Regular & Wide Merkins x 7 each IC
Lunges x 20 IC
Sungods (sobriety style) x 20 IC
Crab Cakes x 20 IC
Mt. Climbers x 25 IC
Mosey to Greene St. Deck
The Thang
PAX instructed half will split off with Butt Fumble and the other half with Chips.  Partner up; size doesn’t matter.
One group attacks the eight levels of fun by following the stairs with Butt Fumble while group two goes after another eight levels of fun up the spiral car ramp.
At each level, partners complete the cumulative total of reps together.  Single count (each leg where applicable)
Spiral Group                  Level              Stair Group
50 Merkins                        1                 50 Wide Fly Merkins
50 Crunchy Frogs             2                 50 Merican Hammers
40 Squat Jumps                3                 40 Ballerina Squats
50 Carolina Dry Docks      4                 50 Derkins (on deck sides)
60 Dying Cockroaches      5                 60 Freddy Mercury
40 1 Leg Deadlift               6                 40 Split Jumps
50 X’s & O’s                       7                 50 Plank Jacks
40 Burpees                        8                 40 Burpees
Level 8: fondly named Penthouse Burpees were a #crowdpleasure
When finished with sprial or stair group, mosey back down (via stairs or spiral ramp) and flap jack to other side to complete another 8 levels of joy! Time called with a brief plank for the six.
Mosey back to Children’s Museum for some 6MOM that went something like this best I can remember:
LBC x 30 IC
LSF x 20 IC
Side Raises x 15 IC each side #mumblechatter
Box Cutters x Too Many – Thanks Gunny!
Q’s needed for all locations.  Reach out to site Q’s to get on the board.  Great opportunities for VQ – grab a friendly PAX and co-Q.  It’s worth every drop of effort.
Welcome FNG Rock-Ola!  Glad you joined us. Keep coming back.
Jamestown: June 18 Feed the Hunger at Dynamo McPherson Stadium.  Bring canned goods.
June 4 Community Housing Event
Try Rainbow Dash
Read the weekly emails.  There are only a few and the PAX needs your prayers, support and participation.
Arise: Amphibious needs someone to take over site Q.
Ball of Man & we were out!
Big T-Claps to Butt Fumble for volunteering to join YHC on Uptown Funk VQ.
T-Claps Dr. Phil for patiently letting YHC try and keep up.
Great job men.  I am so thankful for F3, the opportunity to push to improve side by side with HIM’s and for the invigoration of male leadership in our fine city.  Thanks for the opportunity to Q this morning.  An honor and privilege.
YHC (and on behalf of BF),

PAX: Explosion, Truth, Tebow, Hoser, Boatshow, Cheesy Poof, Graffiti, Prophet, Kicker, Marshal, Earhart, Hermie, Amphibious, Tammy, Gilligan, Duck Butter, Gunny, Drysdale, Mayor, Rock-Ola (FNG Matt Stahl), Girth, Secretary, Birds Nest, Dr. Phil, Gold Digger, Neeses, Light Year, Hazmat, Estrogen, Leverage, Quicken, Botox, Sully, Elmer

QIC: Butt Fumble & CHiPs