As 5:55 am grew closer to 6 am, there was no one in the parking except one guy in Red Toyota truck that kept moving parking lots (setup in different parking lot and the guy moved to the flag parking lot, not part of the Pax).  Anyhow at 5:58 the first Pax rolled in and Q was excited that another would share in the workout that was planned.  Ended up with four other Pax and Q.

Across the field and per last night’s rain, there was the Lindley Park lake.  There was one male mallard in there swimming around.  Thought about holding the swim portion there but only 6″ deep.

After 4 Pax joined up, we started out 2 minute plank followed by 6 inches with 30 second count by Gunny.  During this we saw 3 for 1 wheeling in, 3 for 1 watched the last 15 seconds of 6″ and was in charge of the form police (missed seeing Nancy).  Enough warm up so went straight in the Mosey where we passed by the restroom shelter (24″ brick wall).  We did 30 dips followed by the aerobic instructor’s patented pulse (hold half way down and pulse approx. 1 inch up/down) for 30 seconds.  Pax loved the new pulse.

Continued the Mosey past the baseball field with fancy seating (like how your neighborhood has fancy amenities).  Kept proceeding to the lower parking lot toward Market where the grey truck was located.  Pax was really excited.  Had cones with block exercises setup adjacent to the truck.  Dropped the tailgate and each Pax got their very own landscape block (20 lbs of concrete).  Everyone was so exciting and got lined up with the cones and exercises on piece of dry paper (4 cones and 4 list sheets).

List of exercises for block work (not performed but were threatened for 2nd hour).  Like the idea of showing staging and then skipping it for other exercises.

  1. Curls x 20 each arm
  2. Tricep Extension x 30
  3. Upright Row x 30
  4. Jack Webb x 30
  5. Squat Curls and Press x 30
  6. Low Slow Flutter with Weights high over chest x 60 single count
  7. Bench Press x 50
  8. Bent Row x 30
  9. Overhead Press x 30
  10. Tbar Merkin x 20 (10 each side)
  11. Curls x 20 each arm
  12. Lunge with twist/weight x 20 each leg

Q announced that the was for later and we would be running to the Elementary School (uphill).  Pax was really excited.  Anyhow with 20 lb block in tow, we made it to the Elementary Playground but mileage on Garmin only showed .75 miles so we did two laps around the gravel track before going the fitness center (jungle gym).  Block were stacked and 3 for 1 asked which block was the lightest.  Gunny mentioned accidentally dropping his and having it split in half or falling into the running stream while running over the bridge.  Q thought both idea were good.

Start of the Murph Challenge exercises (real Murph on Memorial Day with 20 lb weight vest).

Exercises performed – 100 pull ups, 200 merkins, and 300 squats.  We did (10) sets of 10 pull-ups, 20 merkins (mixed double wides, ranger merkins, diamond merkins, etc. – this was tough mixture).  After completing 5 rounds, ran 2 laps at 7 minute pace around track.  With heart rate up and back to the track did 1 minute plank recovery.  Finished final sets and picked up block for run back to the lower parking lot.  After a pretty difficult run (mental exercise) all Pax made it back to the truck and cones.

We put our blocks down and used our cones and fence about 70 yards away.  We did (5) sets of sprints with 30 second recovery between each sprint.  3 for 1 and Gunny were leading the charge.  Nice work.

Performed some yoga core work.

Plank for 30 seconds

Kind of like Bicycle but leaves one leg up/fixed (does not move) and then lift should/back to raised leg x 20 (crossover), switch legs and repeat.

6 inch off ground left leg with right leg straight and up at 90 degrees, should lifts to 20 (single count), switch legs

Both legs 6 inches off ground, should lift to 20 count.  Q was struggling.

COT by Gunny (nice work)

Awesome work everyone!

PAX: Wilson

QIC: 05/21/16