Six had faith that the rain would not join us on morning beat down.  They were rewarded with some 7 and elevens, unfortunately they didn’t win any money at the crap table.  But they did get to experience beautiful Summerfield NC, despite the rumors is not in Virginia.  Here is how it went down;

Mosey to Amphitheater for Warm -A arama

Squats Jacks X 20IC

Mountain Climbers X 20IC

Windmills X 20IC

Imperial Walkers X 20 IC

Sun Gods Lunges 10 forward 10 Back IC

Mosey around Circle to Amphitheater


First set of 11’s

Flying Squirrels and Crunchy Frogs

Waiting til the Six Moseyed to Bottom of Hill

Jacobs Ladder-7 times

The Pax decided to start at 7 and work down

Run to Gate and do Imperial Walker Burpees 7

then to6,5,4,3,2,1

Waited for Six Moseyed to Shelter

Where Are 2nd Elevens went down.

Derkins and Dips With Hip raises( Not going Lie this Hurt)

Waited on six Moseyed back to flag


Ski absX15IC

Raised Leg Crunches X 20IC

Low Slow Flutters X20IC

Freddy Mercury X 20IC

American Hammer X 25 IC


Annual Camp and Hike trip schedule for June 17th Get with Sacked or Yeti for details.

Prayer Request for Tesla’s Son Sheppard and Romo’s wife Erica.





PAX: Xerox

QIC: 05/19/2016