Great group of guys showed up this morning.  40 strong

Warm a rama:

We all ran to the playground to do 5 pull ups.

We then ran down to the bottom of the parking lot and completed the following warm up exercises:

15 x Windmills IC

15 x Imperial Walkers IC

25 x SSH IC

15 x Hillbillies IC


We split into teams of three.  The team of 3 comprised of the (1) man at the top of the hill, (2) runner, and (3) the man at the bottom of the hill. There was a prescribed amount of each exercise at both ends of the hill.  The runner would relieve one man, that man would run the hill and relieve the other man. Rinse and Repeat


50 x team Burpees

150 x team Imperial Walkers

150 x Team Plank Jacks

200 x team Crunchy Frogs

Each team member held a plank until they were relieved

100 x team Jump Squats



150 x team Lunges

125 x team Merkins

150 x team Squats

50 x team Carolina Dry Docks

100 x team Step Ups

100 x team Dips

Omaha was called and we planked for the 6 to return to the top of the hill.  YHC lead the PAX around the parking lot a couple of times on the way back to the shovel flag.



20 x LBC’s IC

25 x Flutter Kicks IC

5 x Plank extensions with PAX lead 10 counts

25 x American Hammers IC


Shout out to Boones Farm for gutting it out. #nevergiveup


ButtFumble – tons of 2nd F opportunities/Service Projects.  It’s awesome to see guys stepping up

Shout out to @MiniMe for coming up to visit

Please support @TommyBoy in the Heart Walk.  You can find links on Social Media

Please keep Wapner in your prayers as he found what may be a cancerous Mast on his arm

Please keep Botox and his family in your prayers as they are heading to Uganda on a MIssions trip


Pinkman took us out with a reminder to remain humble along with encouragement for our day


It was a true pleasure to lead.  Thank you to Hootie for the call and the opportunity.





PAX: Hootie, Boones Farm, Scooby Doo, Mini Me, Tea Party, Schnitzel, Snookie, Pamela, Shrink Wrap, Pinkman, Huffy, Heisenberg, Bourne, Potato, Hazmat, Ozone, Jameis, Thermanator, Norwood, Botox, Bodette, Jitterbug, Lynda, Amelia, Yeti, Matlock, Fromage, CJ, Longtime, Doublecheck, Buttfumble, Bedbug, Brown Noser, Stage Freight, Backstroke, J Love, Bulldog, Twinke, Hushpuppy (Q)

QIC: HushPuppy