This beat-down was designed to be leg and core intensive. I intentionally did not post a pre-blast on twitter because I didn’t want anyone to dodge my beat-down hahah!! Sneak attack!



Windmills x 20 IC

Sungods 15 each way

Hillbillies x 20 IC

Run to the wind-chimes for explanation of mule kicks and In-and-out Abs exercises.

5 I&O abs

15 Mule kicks

20 Mt Climbers IC

Run back to shovel flags and count off by 5s.

Do all exercises and then move to the next station.  If next group comes, finish up set and move on.

Station 1.  15 monkey humpers IC

15 Lt Dans

30 Sumo Squats IC

15 Step ups per leg.

Station 2. 15 Merkins single count

Hold 30 sec plank

15 carolina dry docks IC

15 Mule Kicks Single count

Station 3.  15 Pull ups

20 copper head squats IC

Station 4.  30 LBC IC

20 Dying Cockroaches IC

20 Hip Raises IC

20 In and out abs

Pax almost got two full rotations then converged at the shovel flag for mary.

Mary:  XO abs – 20

Side Plank hip dips x10 per side

Hold Plank for 26 seconds (clever way to get a head count)

American Hammer backward from 40.  (some were having trouble counting backward)



June 18th Food drive. Dynamo soccer Bryant Park.

2nd F  Friday 11:45  polo pizza and pasta.


Honor to lead today. I Hope everyone enjoyed the change-up from working primarily shoulders everyday!


3 For 1

PAX: Girth, Tweezers, Knob, Bambi, Marshall, Graffiti, Profit, Nieces, Birdsnest, Hud, Elsa, Leverage, Tammy, Estrogen, Truth, Airheart, T-Bag (Earl Grey) , Golddigger, Explosion, Cornhole, Fannie, Cheesypoof, Nomad, Hackman, Nancy

QIC: 3 For 1