Awesome morning to be out!  60 degrees and party cloudy skies for the drive into the parking garage.

Started out with Sacked rolling in with rolling Toyota of free weights.  Boone’s farm was there for early morning extra credit.  Snookie and Bodett were there early as well.

Sacked broke out the weights and Crab Cakes was one of the last to claim his sets.  Choice was between the 35s and 40s.  He chose the later (#ripped).

At 5:29 the one minute was given followed by any FNGs and the disclaimer of u versus u.

Went straight into 1 to 2 minutes of plank while Squirrel made it into the Pax.  The Q called for Snookie’s 30 count for the 6 inches call.  #mumblechatter was very loud in that section of the circle.  Dr. Phil took over about 15 seconds into it.  Nice work!  Still would have been there.  Rolled in 5-6 yoga poses for stretching including the cobra and childs pose.  Finished with leg stretch and went straight into the Thang.

Count off by 2s.  One and Two teams were formed.  Teams had weights and were ready for what laid ahead.  Around the circle each man flips a cards and does the Pax does the exercise.

Deck of cards

2 – One Lap around parking deck

3 – 20 Squats with Weights

4 – 20 curls each arm

5 – 20 diamond Merkins

6 – 20 tricep extensions each arm

7 – 20 overhead presses each arm

8 – 60 Jumping Jacks

9 – 20 clean and press

10 – Sprint to end & Back

Jack – 10 Tbar Merkins each arm

Queen – 10 table bench press each arm

King – 60 seconds of Mountain Climbers

Ace – 60 seconds balls to the wall

Overall thought is worked out pretty good as heart rate was elevated most of the time.  Got in about 3 miles and gave the shoulders a workout.  Awesome job!

Snookie took us out.


Snookie thanked everyone for the Birthday Party!

Numerous plugs for CougarTown at 6:30 am on Saturday.  TPS has done an awesome job setting everything up.  Come on out!

Crab Cakes leaving for Rhonda for 2 weeks on mission trip.  Thoughts and prayers are with you.

Polar mentioned Tommy Boy’s heart walk this weekend and huge F3 crowd.  Should be an awesome weekend!

Sacked mentioned the camping trip.

Butt Fumble mentioned the upcoming community housing project on June 4th.  Housing projects should last most of the day and help a member in the community repair their house (no experience needed).

PAX: Wilson

QIC: 5-17-16