11 PAX including 3 FNG’s gathered for a great start to the week even if it was a little painful. I think it went something like this…


After a nice mosey around the parking lot, the PAX came to a stop and got the morning started

25 side straddle hops

5 burpees

15 sungods front

15 air claps

15 sungods backward

5 burpees

15 windmills

5 burpees


The Thang:

After a nice warm up, the PAX moseyed over to one of the hills for a little 11th Heaven (I believe that’s prophets name for it). Pax had to do 10 push ups at the top of the hill, crab walk down, do 1 dip, then bear crawl back up. Then 9 and 2…8 and 3…until they do 1 push up and 10 dips.

Next the PAX counted off into two teams. Once divided into teams, the PAX moseyed around the parking lot until Q found a good place for burpees. At the top of a long stretch of the parking lot, Team 2 took off toward one of the light posts where they did 10 burpees and sprinted back. While waiting, Team 1 did an ab exercise of their choice before switching with Team 2. After everyone was done, the PAX kept on moseying around the parking lot until we got to the playground. Team 1 did Carolina Drydocks while Team 2 ran to the playground and did one set of pullups to failure. Teams switched when everyone was done.

Now back to the shovel flag for a Mary’s.


20 LBCs

15 Heels to Heaven

15 Cindy Crawfords (each side)

20 American Hammers

PAX: Elroy

QIC: 4/18/16