This was no ordinary Wednesday morning as 31 of Natville’s finest woke up to do something great mid week.  Someone put the strong EH on Ralph so he too decided he wasn’t going to remain idle but become extra ordinary.  While the competition slept and the nay sayer’s enjoyed the extra 1 and 1/2 hours of sleep together we accomplished the following:

Mosey: Long mosey to Safety town parking lot, in and out, past the cemetary, and kicked it old school at the church lot behind the Battleground tire.


Quick Jumping Jacks x 25

Wind Mills x 15

Butt Kickers x 25

High Knees x 25

Overhead Squat / Toy Soldier X 15

Reverse Lunge w / Arm Raise X 10 per leg

Spider Steps x 14

T-Push Ups x 10

Mosey: Back to cemetary and circle up

Circuit 1 (3 sets)

1A Plank Jacks x 25

2A Squat Pause x 20

3A Burpee w/ Overhead Clap x 10

Things were moving along as planned until BF asked JLove to lead the Squats – Using both legs just didn’t cut it so JLove lead the pax in 1 legged squats x 20 (10 per leg). #mumblechattergalore

Circuit 2 (3 sets – Cut down due to timing but got to second set of sprints!!!!)

1B 6 Sprints between speed bumps (2 @ 50%/ 2 @ 75% / 2 @ 100%)

2B Lateral Bear Crawl Pushups x 15

3B Split Squat Jumps x 20

4B Dying Cock Roach x 20

Mosey: Back to Shovel Flag


LBC’s x 20

Low Dolley x 20

Freddie Mercury x 20

Great work men and glad to have Cowabunga within the ranks of the best Pax is the great state of North Carolina.  It was an honor to lead with you.


Butt Fumble


COT: Stage Fright

PAX: Butt Fumble

QIC: 05/04/2016