17 PAX chose to gather at the Crater. There was one FNG, so all F3 clarifications and disclosures were presented.


Short mosey to the 3 –way stop for:


Imp. Walkers

Hill Billy’s

To quote Bed Bug…”the plank balance yoga thing”. Not sure if he really said it, but it sounds like something he’d say.

More Mosey to the light at the library road for:



Sun Gods


More BROGA stretches

Mosey to end of Price Park Drive, Left on Hobbs, take a Right on Highwood’s Blvd and enter the NewBridge Bank parking lot for the THANG.


NewBridge Bank Building has 5 parking rows. We chose partners and did one letter of BLIMP at each parking row while the partner circled the full length of the row 2 times. We nearly finished before YHC called Omaha so we could run down New Garden Road to the shovel flag for some Mary.


Jackknife Crunch

Side Chilcutt Plank Dip

Scissor kicks

Windshield Wipers

Reverse Crunch

Russian Twists


  • Stubing is the Q at the Crater next Monday.
  • There will be a convergence of all Monday AO’s on Memorial day at Jamestown Elem.
  • Big thanks to Bull Dog for stepping up to Q in June. Connect with site Q Phoenix to fill the Q schedule for June. He still needs a few.


  • Welcome Barney (former FNG John Matthews). I’ll clarify that we were referring to Barney Fife (due to his law enforcement connection), not because of his lavender complexion.

It was a great way to start the week. Thanks as always for the opportunity to lead. Now go out there and make your mark on this world!



PAX: Phoenix, Beaker, Paula Dean, Tweezers, FNG – John Matthews (Barney), CJ, Calculus, Ozone, Milli Vanilli, Bed Bug, Nature Boy, Stretch, On time, Cornhole, Bull Dog, Sir Charles, Nomad.

QIC: Nomad