14 faithful gathered by the dueling shovel flags and blue port-o-let at Mendenhall Middle School determined to make a #downpainment. With pax coming in hot and an all veteran crew there was a very brief intro/disclaimer and we start a mosey around to the back of the school to bball court for –

Warm O Rama


Imperial Walkers IC X 25

Sun Gods IC X 12( Forward), Air Claps IC X12, Sun Gods IC X 12 (Reverse)

Windmills (Snookie Slow Cadence) X 15

Cotton Pickers IC X 15

Monkey Humpers IC X 15

Sufficiently warm we continue the mosey around back of school to the secondary sub par practice fields. With the main field gated and closed off it was the best we could find and tall wet grass would not matter to something called –

The Beast (Thang)

The Beast is apparently something the men of Isotope do fairly regularly.  It was taught to the pax of Carterico a few weeks ago by the one and only Mini Me and yhc was fortunate or unfortunate enough to take part.

Starting on the goal line of a soccer or football field the pax runs to the opposite side stopping 4 times to do 5 reps of an exercise. Then turns around and runs back stopping 4 more times to do another 5 reps for a total of 40 reps of that exercise. Wait for the 6… Then repeato with the next exercise.  We did the 6 exercises below to make up the Beast.

1- Catalina Wine Mixer-  high plank into low chilcut back up to high then Merkin. The CWM is kind of a combination of a Maktar N’Diayes and a Merkin. A twisted mind belonging to Duck Butter from MHC added this gem to the Lexicon.

2-Wojo Squat with jump

3-WW1 Sit Up

4- Body Builder Burpee (no jump)

5- LBC

6- Burpee

The Beast was conquered and the pax got a much needed slow 10 count and then mosey back towards the parking lot for some partner work. Another routine lifted from Mini Me termed the Blue Indian would be Thang #2.

Cones were set up in the parking lot about 80 yards apart. Partner A starts to bear crawl as Partner B runs a loop around the lot and then catching him and then taking his place in the bear crawl. We went to the cone and back.

Repeato with Lunges

Repeato with Lt Dans

Repeato with Inch Worm Merkins

Repeato with Broad Jump Burpees

Mosey back to the flag for some



Box Cutter IC X 20

Protractor 90 deg, 45 deg, 10 deg, 45 deg etc with several 10 counts from the pax

American Hammer IC X 15

Finito !

The Q took us out in a BOM.


  • Heart Walk is next Saturday May 21rst at 8 am @ UNCG. Tommy Boy is looking for about 6 pax members to lead a 5 minute Warm-A-Rama for the participants. Get with Tommy Boy if you are interested. YHC is survivor of 2 open Heart surgeries and currently running a pig valve in his heart. The funding from the AMA funded the research to make this kind of heart procedure and many others possible. So this is an event I am participating in and looking for a few more teammates on “Pigs Trotter” if you are interested let me know.
  • Woody is on the Q at Rainbow Dash next Saturday and I-Beam is the following
  • Their was some brief discussion on the less than desirable conditions of the fields at the AO and the main field being closed. Hopefully the fields will get better as the warmer months come on and we can move into some other unexplored areas of the AO as well.


  • The pax did an awesome job conquering The Beast and provided some excellent #mummblechatter.
  • Wide Left gave YHC some #Kotters at the gathering and asked if it was my first Rainbow Dash.. Touche WL !  I have been somewhat of an absent site Q for this AO, but plan to be present much more soon. After the summer at least… In all seriousness, the regular Q’s and pax of the Rainbow Dash have done a great job getting this AO rolling with a travelling site Q. Great group effort and lets keep it going. Looking forward to seeing some VQ’s coming up in the next few months here.

It is a blessing for me to lead and I am very grateful for the opportunity.



PAX: Gilligan

QIC: 05/14/16