On a pleasant May morning 10 pax (including 1 FNG) joined YHC in the wide open spaces of Kernodle Middle School.  It went down something like this:


Started with a mosey up to Carolyn Allen Park where we stopped in front of the flag to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  Then we circled up to do the following:

SSH X 20 in cadence

Cotton Pickers X 15 in cadence

Windmills X 15 in cadence

Sun Gods X 15 in cadence

Reverse Sun Gods X 15 in cadence

The Thang

Moseyed from Carolyn Allen Park down to the track at Kernodle.  For the first part of The Thang YHC told the pax how he was inspired from his trip to Texas this past week.  For the “Tour of Texas” YHC and the pax did the following:

San Antonio Shuffle X 5

Austin Ass Kickers X 10 (5 Each Arm)

Dallas Dips X 10 (5 Each Arm):  Dallas Dip is a Dip with one leg extended

We then moseyed pack to the parking lot in front of the school were we met for Part 2 of The Thang.  YHC broke out a pack of cards and introduced the pax to the “Deck of Death”.  Based on the suit and number on the card determined the amount of an exercise done.  For an Ace we did 11 reps and for a Face card we did 10 reps.  YHC drew 3 cards at a time, and the suit breakdown was as follows:

Clubs – LBC’s

Diamonds – Merkins

Hearts – Burpees

Spades – Freddie Mercury’s

Joker – Run

We “played” through all 52 cards, different pax led different exercises, and the pax did an amazing job with this section of the workout #littletonomumblechatter


Johnny Cash (5 Plankjacks per Pax)

Nolan Ryan X 10 Each Arm

American Hammer X 15

We ended with a YHC special:  song time.  Today’s selection was “Jump” by Van Halen #realcrowdpleaser #YHCknowsmorethanjustcountrymusic

We started in an Al Gore and for each “Jump” sung we jumped #captainobvious

During the Instrumental time we worked in some Sun Gods, Reverse Sun Gods, Chinooks, and some stretching exercises.

Great work by the pax today at Cougar Town.  TPS’s head was literally “smoking” at the end of the workout (glad Daughtry pointed this out).  T-claps to Daughtry for performing workout without gloves #GeorgeCostanzahandmodelheisnot.  Thanks to F3 Dallas for the inspiration for Deck of Death, which smoked me earlier this week.

COT:  JR took us out with prayer


  1. Great job today by the newest member of the pax (Speaker City)!
  2. I forgot to get Speaker City’s e-mail address, so if anyone has it send to YHC or TPS
  3. Polo has the Q next Saturday at Cougar Town!  (Saturday, May 21st)
  4. TPS is looking for a Q for Saturday, May 28th (unless we have a F3 Greensboro Convergence)

It’s always an honor to lead.  Thank you for the opportunity.



PAX: 0

QIC: 2