16 PAX enjoyed a humid morning at Latham Park while spending a little time elevating their heart rates.  After an epic Splashing Merlot on Wednesday at Slammin Sammy’s, YHC wanted to really push the PAX out of their comfort zone. It went down a little somethin’ like this.


SSH x 25

Sun God x 15 (Each way)

Windmill x 20

Hillbilly x 15

Mosey down Starmount Dr. in the park, until we reached the entrance to the baseball parking lot. Looky looky, there are some orange cones……not the government issue variety.  

The Thang

YHC introduced everyone to the sprint workout.  Two routes were marked off to 200 meters, working in opposite directions of each other.  PAX were divided into 2 groups, anyone over 8 minute mile goes with Phoenix and anyone under 8 minute mile goes with YHC.  Instructions were given to run the 200 meter distance 8 times, with a 5 second recovery between each length.  PAX in each group would wait on the six before 5 second countdown was started.  Run was done at 90% – 95% effort.  After 1600 meters was completed (1 mile approx.) PAX were instructed to run out to West Market street and make a loop back to entrance of Lindley Park (Approx. 1 mile).  This was a recovery run at 60%-70% effort level to bring heart rate back down a bit.  Upon return, rinse and repeat the 1600 meter circuit and 1 mile recovery run until time was called.

Fast group completed 2 sets of sprints and recovery runs, covering 4 miles of distance.  Alternate group finished 1 set of sprints and recovery run and about half of the second set of sprints for a total of 2.5 miles of distance

Needless to say, there were some winded brothers this morning and very little mumble chatter was had.  Good to see everyone really push themselves on the sprints.  This is not an easy workout, proud of the group for pushing through. 


American hammer x 25

Cindy crawford x 15 (each side)

LBC X 20

LSF x 20


Quaker Crater is looking for Q’s in June and July, please step up to help lead.  Phoenix, Site Q, is happy to help with VQ effort as well.

Need to help support the Arise bootcamp workout that is on Tuesday’s at 5:30 AM.  Great opportunity for service with setting up table and chairs for homeless breakfast.

UGA to Q with Wide Left at Uptown Funk tomorrow, get your Friday the 13th beatdown.

#Tclaps to Phoenix for the assist on leading the alternate group.

Keep Tesla and his family in your prayers.  Their son Shepard. 

YHC took us out.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead, thank you for following, always a pleasure.

~Cheesy Poof

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