It was a great morning with 22 PAX descending upon Lunatic Fringe for strength training and optional runs. After welcome and disclaimer we got right into the workout which went like this.


  • Don Quixote  x 10IC
  • Sun Gods X 15IC ea direction
  • Hillbillies x 15IC
  • Spine Stretch x 30 seconds ea direction (Thanks Bodett and Yeti)
  • Lucky 7s  (Diamond/Regular/Wide Merkins 7 ea.)


For the Thang the PAX did 3 exercises in sequence cycling through 3 times and then following each section there was an option to run 400meters (Omaha down from 800m) or remain and do Plank work for the duration of the runners returning.

  • Overhead Press      x 12 ea arm
  • World War 1 Setup x 20
  • Goblet Squat          x 20
  • Plank Work or 400 meter run Option
  • Bicep Curl              x 12 ea arm
  • V – Core Press       x 20
  • Lt. Dan’s                x 12
  • Plank Work or 400 meter run Option
  • Tricep Kickback     x 12 ea arm
  • American Hammer x 20IC (with weights)
  • Al Gore                  x 90 seconds (Omaha to 60 seconds on 2nd cycle)


  • PAX Member picks Exercise off of the list
    • Bicep Curls x 12 ea arm
    • V-Core Press x 20 IC

Note: Thanks to all the guys who stepped in and helped with counting on different exercise.


  1. TPS – if you have not tried out the new AO and workout – Cougar Town – come on out on Saturdays – 6:30 a.m. – Kernodle Elementary School.
  2. Wicked and Twinkie on the Q for Cornwallis Nightmare tomorrow 7:00 a.m. Jaycee Park
  3. Matlock – Northern Ruck will be a Trail Run tomorrow – will be on the Wild Turkey Trail with 25 minutes out and 25 minutes coming back in.
  4. Boones Farm – next Friday Lunatic Fringe will have a VQ by our man Flapjack. Come out and support.
  5. Wojo – Roanoke support by Natville continues tomorrow with Hush Puppy, Chips, Nancy, and couple of other guys heading up to lead the workout. If you want to join in reach out to Chips or Hush Puppy for details.
  6. Tommy Boy – next Saturday is the Heart Walk and he needs some F3 guys to step and help out by leading the Warm-A-Rama. Please reach out to Tommy Boy for details and to help out. Great Cause and opportunity to serve.
  7. Yeti – June 17-19 2nd Annual F3 Natville Camp/Hike Trip. More details to follow.


  • Apologies to the PAX for YHC not getting the music going. The mumble chatter filled in nicely, but will have the speaker rocking next time.
  • Props to Drizzle doing Bicep Curl with the 40lb weights. #pushingusforward
  • Great work by all! Good vibe in the air this morning from the PAX

COT – Snookie Took us out giving thanks!

A gift to be with you guys this morning. Thank you.


Aye, Sacked



PAX: 3for1, Polo, TPS, Wojo, Nomad, Bed Bug, Double Check, Long Time, Bodett, Snookie, Drizzle, Bourne, Matlock, Scooby Doo, Tommy Boy, Heisenberg, Flapjack, Schnitzel, Boones Farm, Yeti, War Eagle, Sacked

QIC: Sacked