15 Pax turnout this morning for the “Murph” workout and Twinkie did not disappoint with the rapid pace completing all 10 sets in record time!

The real ” Murph” would have been proud of our effort this day as we celebrated his would be 40th birthday in the gloom with our best time since inception. As we remember his sacrifice at the age of 29, defending our freedoms, the very fact that we can congregate publicly as men and celebrate our faith openly is a gift! For that we are forever indebted to those that serve and protect. Happy Birthday Lt. Michael P. Murphy and may God Bless the work being done that you started by saying “I will serve…..”

Here is how we honored the “Murph” today:

1mile run

100 pullups, 200 push-ups , 300 squats

1 mile run

15 American Hammers IC

COT – All, Birds Nest

Twinkie thanks again brother for your leadership especially considering your injury!

Aye- Wicked



PAX: Twinkie

QIC: 05/12/16