An AO record crowd PAX of (15) posted at the Cadet Lab in Oak Ridge this cool, overcast morning to absorb a beat down and show support for YHC’s VQ.  The workout addressed all muscle groups including close to 2.0  total miles of cardio running (the pre-blast foreshadowed this).  The peak of the workout was the 120 yard bear crawl across the football field that immediately killed any and all mumble chatter.  Yes, it was as bad as it reads!  However, I sense we may see future distance bear crawls from YHC and his future Q’s.  Welcome to FNG Matt Fletcher (Turnpike) from Summerfield and good job to Surge for keeping the EH on him!.  It was a great group today and an outstanding effort by all.  

**I had a miscue on the voice recording so please forgive me on the PAX roll call if I messed up the names and the announcements…I will get it right next time!***

5:25 AM Gather @ Shovel Flag, 5:30 AM Start

Mosey around parking lot.  Front, backwards, side stepping, karaoke, high knee, butt kickers. 

Almost had a pile up when switching running exercises…tried to communicate better towards the  end.

WARM-O-RAMA: (At concession area)

   SSH x 20 (IC)

   Copper Heads – Three Point Squat x 15 (IC)

   Windmills x 15 (IC)

   Cobra stretch, to feet, to Good Morning Stretch (x2)

PAX encouraged to give careful thought to Partner selection for upcoming exercises

Final Warmup

Partner Up, Together do 10-Merkins w/ Feet propped on each others back (Each). I’m sure

there is a name for this? 

   Run to the shovel flag, do it again. 

   Run back to Concession


    Round 1 – Lower Body

   Partner one, runs to tree and back across parking lot

   Partner two, Lower Body

   Monkey Humpers x 15

Deep Squats x15

   Reverse, Partner Runs, Other Partner Exercises

Round 2 – Upper Body

   Partner one, runs to tree and back across parking lot

   Partner two, Upper Body

   Offset Merkins x 10 Each Arm

   Carolina Dry Docks  x 15 

   Reverse, Partner Runs, Other Partner Exercises

Round  3 – Core

   Partner one, runs to tree and back across parking lot

   Partner two, Core

   Peter Parkers x 15 

   Pickle Pounders x 15

  Reverse, Partner Runs, Other Partner Exercises

Slow Mosey to parking lot…oh wait…the football field gate is open.  This exercise was inspired by Dr. Evil and his Burpee field exercises in Kernersville!

120-Yard Tiger/Bear Crawl (On all fours however you can get to the other side) 

Slow Mosey Back to Concession

Group Run, (4) Corners.  At each corner, (10) WW1 Sit-Ups w/ partner high fives,

    Merkins (10) – Hands in Air (Bodett told me the name on this but it escapes me)

Indian Run from Concession Area Back to Shovel Flag


Box Cutter (qty 15) (IC)

Nolan Ryans – Right/Left (12 each side) 

Pickle Pounder Revisit/Revised  – Bodett says there is another name for this version (15)

American Hammer (15)


Udders took us out.


Run The Ridge 5K or Obstacle Race at Oak Ridge Town Park June 4th, register by June 2nd (

Run The Runway 5 & 10K at PTI June 4th (

It was an honor to lead and be associated with such a strong group of men today. In completing my VQ, thanks to Double Check and Udders for the emotional headlock that got me involved with F3 three months ago. 



PAX: 05/10/16

QIC: 352