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Side straddle hop x 20

Sun Gods x 20 each way

Hillbillies x 20

1 mile mosey around the park

The Thang

LBC x 30

Merkins x 15

Low slow flutter x20

Merkins x 10

Freddy mercury’s x 20

Merkins x 5

Six­inches for a 20 count

Dips x 40

Wall­sit for 60 seconds

Lungs x 20 (each leg)

Copper Head Squat’s x 20

Then we moseyed on over to the muddy field and started with 10 burpees. Next we bear crawled

down and back once then did 5 sprints. After that we went back to the basketball court and did 10

more burpees. At that point each member of the group called out an exercise and we made it

around the circle twice.


Plank/ six­inches for a 20 count

WWI’s x 20

X’s & O’s x 20

And Finally the American Hammer x 20

PAX: J-Love, Cardigan, Tebow, Lightyear, Graffiti, Wilma, Lynda, Cheesy Poof, 3 For 1, Hoser,

QIC: Sweatervest