14 pax gathered on a great day for a beat down! Prophet was on Q and he had his blocks and some iron plates he recently acquired.  The morning went something like this:

The pax moseyed around the   loop to get things going and to hit the warm-o-rama.


25 – Side Straddle Hops

15 – Windmills

15 each directon – Sun gods

15 – Row Pickers

20 – Prayer Squats

5 Burpees OYO

The Pax then moseyed to the Work Site for some instructions on the Thang.


Partner up.  While one partner runs 3 hills and a loop right around the building, the other partner is doing an exercise from the sheet.  When the running partner is back, switch roles.  At the next switch, move to the next exercise on the sheet.  Repeat until completed.  Rinse and Repeat if finish before time is called.  The exercises on the sheet were as follows:


Step Ups with blocks


Squats into overhead press w/ block


Carolina Dry Docks

Block Curls


Some got through the entire list as time was called, but all worked hard and finished strong!!  We then moseyed over to the court for Marys.


25 LBCs

15 Cindy Crawfords each side

15 Weezy Jeffersons

20 Double Tap Ankle Tappers

20 Lo Slo Flutters

20 American Hammers – I hate these things…because they work so good!


  • Q’s needed!!
  • F3 JTown Food Drive and F3 Night at Dynamo Game
  • Saturday workout at JTown Elem.
  • Prayer for Hollywood’s grandmother who passed away yesterday.


YHC prayed us out asking for strength, courage, and wisdom to stand up against what this world has to offer and stand for that which is eternal.


It was a pleasure Men!!  Great job and SYITG!




PAX: Dean, Hollywood, Drysedale, Danika, Gold Digger, Graffiti, Rubble, Chisel, Stacks, Kicker, Miss Daisy, Marshal, Amelia, Prophet

QIC: Prophet