Webster’s Def: Something that is used as a reason for making a judgment or decision.


How do you measure accomplishment toward 1st F? As a PAX can we make a measure in a non-competitive yet challenging individual way? Criterion provided PAX an opportunity to mark where they each were in fitness progression.  On 10-August we will repeat. We get better together!(#packanimal) The following workout can be repeated by PAX who could not attend or posted at other AO this morning.

Amble humidity descended on Lindley Park making it a perfect morning for a sweat fest.


After a few chronological reminders the we moseyed to the baseball field parking lot for Warm-o-Rama. Heavy on the Warm and light on the Rama…


Plank 45 sec

Peter Paker 15 IC

Merkin 5 IC

Windmill 20 IC


The PAX next moseyed back to the basketball court for a count off into groups and deployed to the following stations for Criterion. All done OYO with each man advancing to next station at pace.

Station 1: Dead Hang Pull up 15 reps

Station 2: Full Sit up (elbow to knees) 100reps  (#IwantmyIwantmy…LBC)

Station 3: Merkins 50 reps

Station 4: 1 mile run around Lindley park

Timer at starting area showed time so each man can know result upon completion of 4 stations.

As PAX finished, various rotating exercises began with men stepping up to lead while others ran with the 6 to completion.

6 MOM 

Merlot Splashing background music for Mary generously provided by FNG Flounder. That is what we call leaving it on the field man!

Cindy Crawford 15 IC

What no more full sit ups?


Prayer Request: Please keep Tesla’s son Shepard (5yrs) in prayers. 3+ weeks in UNC hospital. Brain / Strokes. Docs have limited progress.

YHC took us out in Ball of Man.

Thanks for taking a chance and trying something news this morning. Great joy to see the will of men to push themselves.


PAX: Explosion

QIC: 05/11/16