Awesome day to be outside this morning with 26 Pax including (1) FNG.  Upper 50s to start out the day and started to get light around 5:50 am or so.  Birds were chirping.  Awesome job Pasties (Eddie

Today was about the second running of the Coca-Cola 600 (last year was on Memorial Day).  This year had some new twists and turns (see below).

This morning started with the gathering around the shovel flag.  Disclaimer at 5:28 given and then proceeded to Mosey down the street and back into the parking lot where Warm O Rama was held.

Warm O Rama consisted of yoga moves for 9 minutes – 2 minute plank, 1 minute plank, left right hip flexor stretch, 6 inches with Amphibious 30 count, touch the toes, left over right stretch and then switch.

Mosey to the bathroom building for 30 dips and 30 derkins.  Once complete plank for 6.

That is where the fun started.




Thang (30 minutes):

In honor of upcoming Nascar Race in Charlotte we are running the Coca Cola 600.

Partner Up –   Partner A runs while partner B does the exercise with 20 lbs landscape block.  Switch to next exercise on list (each partner runs 6 laps, 1/4 mile each lap).  Rinse and Repeat until time is called. Think pretty much everyone made it thru the race.  On the final laps, there was a trash truck that caused a yellow flag.  Turns 3 and 4 were covered with stinky sludge, hence the green/white checker finish.

In pit road the following exercises were performed with 20 lb landscape block.

  1. Curls
  2. Tricep Extension
  3. Sit up with Block
  4. Jack Webb
  5. Squat Curls
  6. Low Slow Flutter with Block high over chest
  7. Bench Press w/block
  8. Bent Row
  9. Overhead Press
  10. Hold Block overhead
  11. Table with block on stomach
  12. Jack Webbs

To throw a monkey wrench in everything, the team had to take a mandatory pit stop in the pit area (separate box).  Both teammates had to perform 20 Burpees each.

Final laps were sprint races back to the flag and back.

Mary to consist:

Marge Homer x 20 IC

Yoga ups with both legs up at 6 inches x 12, ups to left side of legs ups x 12, then right side of legs up.

A-Z per Madlock

American Hammer x 20 IC

COT by Dr. Phil


Amphibious launched Arise on Tuesday morning at 5:30 am in downtown Greensboro (Grace UMC, near Hardees on Friendly).  Table and chair setup for homeless breakfast is after the workout.  Took 9 minutes last week and goal is to get that down to less than 5 minutes.  Nice work!


PAX: Wilson

QIC: 05/09/16