16 Pax turned out expecting the worst, hoping for the best and it all worked out! Perfect weather for a beat down that will jumpstart the week for all those in attendance….



Slow Wind Mill X 10 IC

Sun Gods X 10 IC both ways…

Leg Stretches

Bear Crawl round the island

Monkey Burpees X 5 IC

Mosey to Cone Flag- LSF X 30 IC

Thang: 2 Man Teams worked together to complete the following….

Mosey to fitness center for 10 pull-ups followed by an exercise and a mosey back to the cone for a core exercise and then onto the other fitness center for 10 pull-ups and repeat until BLIMPS are complete.

Fitness Center work:

10 pull-ups- 30 Team Burpees

10 pull-ups – 40 Team Lunges

10 pull-ups – 50 Team IW

10 pull-ups – 60 Team Merkins

10 pull-ups – 70 Team Planche Jacks

10 Pull-ups – 80 Team SSH

Cone Flag Work: All done IC X 30



Dying Cockroach

Heel Touches

Seated Crossovers

American Hammer

Mosey to wall –

45 Second B’s2W’s

Mosey to Shovel Flag for Mary

5 Monkey Burpees to finish! – Pax favorite…..we will be seeing more of theseūüôą


As always a pleasure/honor to workout with the Pax in the Gloom.

Aye- Wicked

PAX: Wicked

QIC: 05/09/16