14 Pax including an FNG and YHC posted on a wet gloomy morning at the fringe.  We engaged in a four corners beatdown and a mini Q school broke out.  In YHC’s anticipation to lay some merkins down on the PAX, YHC botched the pre-game speech and disclaimer . So during the warm-o-rama, YHC made the statement, “you cannot sue F3, you cannot sue an amoeba”. Mumblechatter ensued…


100yd mosey to the end of the parking lot:

3 sets of Happy Jacks:  10 SSH IC, 5 jump squats

Mosey to the high jump area of the track:

Imperial Walker 20 IC

String Rippers 10 IC

Sungods-Sobriety Style 10 IC forward, 10 IC Reverse

Abe Vigodas 6 IC


At this time, YHC was having issues with Bluetooth speaker which increased the mumblechatter, but after the first lap, all that went away.

We did 3 dumbbell exercises for 1 min AMRAP for Corner 1

Goblet squat, Overhead press, Bicep curl

Butt kickers to Corner 2

2nd Corner: 10 Merkins IC

Run to Corner 3

3rd Corner:  10 Crab Cakes IC, 10 Merkins IC

Cherry Pickers to Corner 4

4th Corner:  Variable-Drizzle called American Hammers (cause its ‘Merica)  21 IC (Drizzle likes doing hammers), 10 Crab Cakes IC, 10 Merkins IC

Run to Corner 1

Standing row, Tricep Extension, Squat Press

High knees to Corner 2

2nd Corner:  Dry Docks 10 IC

Run to Corner 3 (Boones Farm killed this run #outofnowhere)

3rd Corner:  10 Mountain Climbers IC, 10 DryDocks IC

4th Corner: Variable-Nomad called Swimmers (What!) 20 IC, 10 Mountain Climbers, 10 Dry Docks

Run to Corner 1

Lawn mowers, Ric flairs, Kettlebell Swing

Cherry Pickers to Corner 2

2nd Corner:  10 Double-wide Merkins IC

Run to Corner 3

3rd Corner: 10 Hammers IC, 10 Double-wide IC (called by Pamela, Nice Job)

Mosey to Corner 4

4th Corner: Variable-Bodett called 10 Burpees OYO, 10 Hammers IC, 10 Double-wide IC (called by Squirrel, Nice!)

Mosey to the flag for Mary


Sleeping Hillbillies: Lay on either your right or left side – do unilateral Hillbillies with one arm and one leg … one hand behind your head and same side knee comes up to elbow.  10 IC

High dolly WIP:  High Dolly into 6inch leg lift.  Someone absolutely Sharted himself during this exercise, which resulted in EXTREME mumblechatter from the PAX, so bad that the PAX lost count and YHC tacked on 5 extra for the heck of it.  15 IC

Merkin Wave:  10 times around the horn

Dying Cockroach:  16 IC


-Ric Flairs are more effective when you yell WHOOO! at the end of the rep.

-Welcome FNG Marvel.  Nice to see another PAX from the Buckeye state.  YHC would not allow him to be named anything remotely related to the state up North.  Just sayin’

-Sacked:  the name of the band is HUM.  The song is called Stars.  And it rocks.

-Drizzle REALLY LIKES to do American Hammers.

-The PAX shared the cadence calls today (mini Q school).  Everyone did a great job today.


-Bodette shared a story about our F3 brother, Light Bill, of Lake Murray, who recently had a heart problem and did not react right away.  Lesson:  Listen to your body and go to a doctor if something isn’t right.  Thanks Bodett.

-We have 5 workouts going on tomorrow.  No excuses. (Unless your family has a priority. #iamthird)

-Fellowship lunch at Moe’s on Lawndale at Noon. Bring an FNG.

COT:  Huffy did a great job taking us out.

It was an honor to fill in for Jitterbug and we hope he heals up quickly.



PAX: Matlock

QIC: 05/06/2016