After an introduction and F3 disclaimer we started to mosey but noticed many late arrivers so we circled back to pick them up, then moseyed to the parking lot across from the Grasshoppers stadium for some warm-o-rama.

YHC decided to do warm-o-rama in a line, drill sergeant style. Quite a bit of mumble chatter on this one… Mayor and Secretary came in hot and decided to join us during warm-o-rama.


SSH IC x 20

Sungods 15 forwards/15 reverse

Inchworm merkin pyramid to 5 merkins (mentioned not a race, more about stretching on the inchworm)

Return to the starting line, then:

High knees across the parking lot

Butt kickers back

Carioca across

Backwards run back

Sprint across, recover, sprint back

Now that the PAX were warm and heart beating good, moseyed across the street to the corner of Bellemeade and Eugene to start the Thang.

The Thang:

Partnered up where size did not matter

All exercises done at that corner while partner B ran to Friendly and back, then flipflop.


1. Step ups

2. Dips

3. T-merkins

4. Wall jumps

5. Irkins

**rinse and repeat with 2nd time through run to the corner of Edgeworth and back. Continue until time was called.

Mosey back to parking lot beside Local Honey for some Mary


LBC IC x 20

Crunchy Frog IC x 20

Protractor – holding at different angles

Alternating shoulder taps IC x20

Q was shot and called it.

While getting his phone, PAX started American Hammer since the workout didn’t feel complete without it. Q did make it back and partook. Strong when the call is for American Hammer instead of burpees when Q doesn’t have his phone ready! Must have wanted to keep it a burpee free workout today…


– Congrats to Dr. Phil on his ordination

– Ugga encouraged other PAX to sign up for the 10 k our at PTI airport on the runway June 4th

Newly ordained, Dr. Phil took us out

What a pleasure to lead this morning! Thanks Gentlemen for the great effort – Hermey

PAX: Mayor, Dr. Phil, Ugga, Boy Wonder, JR, Ashley, Drysdale, Long time, Jordache, Crab leg, I beam, Secretary, Wide left, Quicken, Hermey

QIC: Hermey