Cadet Lab has seen it’s fair share of weather, and today was no exception. 5 fearless PAX took their #dailyredpill and left the comfort of the Fartsack to get a rainy day beatdown. YHC was thrilled to see additional headlights rolling into the parking lot before launch.  (#cominginhotisnotadvisedwhenroadsarewet.)

After #mumblechatter about the rain, brief disclaimer and mission of F3, PAX went straight into the

Warm a Rama:

Mosey to picnic shelter to get out of the rain…

Windmill X 15IC


Chinooks X 25 IC (Reverse direction after 13)

Monkey Humpers X 25 IC #crowdpleaser

Dips X 25 IC YHC couldn’t resist the picnic table opportunity.

Mosey to Oak Ridge Elementary for The Thang.

The Thang:

Upon arriving at the covered entrance to the school, PAX noticed something out of place. A coupon had made its way to the school.  More on the coupon later.  #reversepsychology is alive and well at Cadet Lab. Pax are instructed to perform the following exercises for 3 min. each.  Only rest when you can’t go anymore, or YHC is resetting the phone timer.


Reverse Crunch


Copperhead Squats

Nolan Ryans (Thanks Fannie!)

Dying Cockroach-Time was called after dying cockroach for Mary and COT under the shelter.

(LBC’s, Shoulder Tap Merkins, and Crunchy Frogs were on the list if time had allowed.)


Cumberland County Viaduct X 10 IC each side

Low Slow Flutter X 25 IC

Merkins X 20 single count OYO

American Hammer X 25 IC


COT: YHC took us out.


Get the EH going for Bodett; Moes on Battleground for Lunch on Friday. First Fridays of the Month.

2nd F Wednesday am at Friendly Center Harris Teeter. Gunny site Q. Short video by Rob Bell.


Last but not least, the coupon. Todays coupon was relatively light…A 4″ X 4″ X 12′ piece of lumber borrowed from the treehouse of the 2.0s.  Once announcements and COT was finished, all that remained is a mosey back to the parking lot with said coupon. In the pouring rain.  At that point, the rain actually felt good. Only a minor hindrance for those who wear contacts. Pax began with an overhead carry of the coupon, then alternated to left and right shoulder carry. Pax made YHC proud and made it to parking lot in formation with coupon, shoulders smoked.

Thanks for the opportunity men. Good work had by all. Until next time.


PAX: Bulldog, Cheesehead, Udders, Heisenberg.

QIC: Stubing