28 PAX made it out on a beautiful morning for a little sweat.

Here’s how it went down:

Jordache gave a little intro and disclaimer, then had the PAX count off. Even numbers went with him and odd numbers with YHC. Many pax had no clue what their number was, but groups split evenly regardless…

Jordache’s group moseyed to the top of the Church St parking deck, while YHC’s group went to the gravel lot around the corner. A few pax questioned not having gloves this morning, but YHC assured them they would be ok.

Warm-o-Rama went like this:

SSH – IC x 20

Imperial walkers – IC x 20

Windmills – IC x 20

Sun gods – IC x 15 forwards/15 reverse

Toy soldiers – IC x 20

Mosey to the Church St parking deck for the thang.

The Thang:

Jordache’s group started at the top of the deck while YHC’s started at the bottom

Each full level had an associated exercise with instructions on how to proceed to the next level.

Ground level = 10 burpees, run backwards up 1/2 level, sprint the other 1/2 level

Level 1 = 20 scorpion dry docks, bunny hop 1/2 level, sprint the other 1/2

Level 2 = 25 merkins, lunge 1/2 level, sprint the other 1/2

Level 3 = 35 squats with calf raises, side shuffle 1/2 level, sprint other 1/2

Top level = 50 mountain climbers, backwards run down 1/2 level, sprint other 1/2

Continue to rinse and repeat until time was called. Plank held until the 6 at the bottom level, then mosey to Children’s museum parking lot for Mary.


Pretzel crunch x 10 each side

Alternating shoulder taps x 20

Reverse crunches x 20

American hammer x 20


VQ by Jordache today. Awesome job Jordache!

Boatshow and Fannie on the Q next week

Grab a buddy and Q together at Uptown funk. Contact Wide left to get on the Q schedule

Fannie took us out this morning. Great one!

Our pleasure to lead this morning!

Jordache and Hermey

PAX: Boatshow, I-beam, Gold digger, Fannie, Pinkman, Mayor, Tammy, Secretary, Oone, Snowden, Huffy, Squirrel, Bundle, Crab leg, Stella, Wide left, Sully, Drysdale, Romo, JR, Estrogen, Girth, Lynda, Profit, Graffiti, Kicker, Jordache, and Hermey

QIC: Hermey and Jordache