While outside was raining, the parking office offered a great getaway!  When the diesel truck pulled in this morning and merry band of early risers helped assist with the landscape blocks (20 lbs).  It was like a Nascar pit stop!  Thank you!

After setup completed and intros given, Shakeweight started with 2 minute plank.  Had a couple fill in during the plank exercise.  When straight into 10 yoga poses with 30 seconds holds.  Best one was Bodett’s one minute of 6″ (half merkin hold) that was a 30 count backwards.  Awesome work!  Next was Stinky Cheese’s 30 second 6″ with legs out straight.  Some more poses and then complete with toe touch stretch (10 min total).

Break up into three man teams.  2 go to stations and one runs between and relieves next man.  Exercises at stations are:

Station #1

  1. Jack Webb
  2. Tricep Extension
  3. Curls
  4. Overhead Press
  5. Bent Row
  6. Kbell Swing
  7. Straight Lifts
  8. Clean and Press
  9. Tricep Extensions
  10. Curls

Station #2

  1. Smerf Jacks
  2. Squats with Block
  3. Sit Ups with Block
  4. Low Slow Flutter w/Block Overhead
  5. Jack Webbs
  6. Lunge with Block
  7. Hold Block over head
  8. Bench Press Block
  9. American Hammer w/Block
  10. Body Builder

Man it to approximately #7 before time was called.

Butt Fumble did the Mary with one exercise that I missed and then dying cockroach x 20 IC (everyone wanted to stop at 10 or 15).  Awesome work!

Wilson took final exercises with yoga lifts.  Straight leg up to 12 position and other leg 6″ and then crunch up x 12.  Switch legs x 12 lifts.  Both feet together 6″ off the ground x final 12 crunches.

Time was called and Boone’s farm took us out!


Beaver on Q the rest of the week.  Tomorrow at Lindley is the next one, Uptown Funk on Friday, and CN on Saturday.  Think there was a motion to pickup Lindley at 6 am on Saturday and then go to CN.  Think this was done by Beaver about 7 months ago.  Like the back to back Qs #toughstuff

PAX: TPS, Bodett, Boone’s Farm, Huffy, Squirrel, Schnitzel, Beaver, Tea Party, Snowden, Bubba Gump, Drizzle, Ralphie, Tommy Boy, JR, On Time, Stinky Cheese, Flap Jack, Graffiti, Polar, Butt Fumble, Brown Noser, Wilson

QIC: Wilson