30 PAX including YHC gathered on a glorious Monday for a workout inspired by the epic mauling of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Hugh Glass in the movie The Revenant.

After the brief and obligatory disclaimers (including a new one – “you can’t sue each other”), the PAX moseyed toward Fisher Park.  We stopped mid-way to First Presbyterian Church for:


  • SSH x25
  • Sungods – sobriety style (i.e., standing on one leg) x15 each way
  • Windmills x20
  • Rockette squats x20 (do a kick after every squat)

The PAX then formed two lines for an Indian run to the steps in front of First Pres, where they encountered:


Upon arrival at the steps, the PAX were instructed to partner up in teams of 2 (size doesn’t matter). There was a set of exercises at the bottom of the stairs and the top of the stairs.  YHC could have explained the THANG a little better, but here’s how it was supposed to go down:

Partner A bear crawls up the steps to the top, where they perform the first exercise on the top sheet.  Partner B stays at the bottom and does the first exercise on the sheet to the specified repetitions, and then bear crawls up the stairs to relieve Partner A, and does the first exercise on that sheet.  Partner A then runs down the stairs and performs the first exercise on the bottom sheet.  Work your way down each sheet.

The exercises at the bottom of the stairs:

  1. Burpees x10
  2. Extremely Wide Merkins x10
  3. Alternating Shoulder Taps x20 (single count)
  4. Ranger Merkins x10

The exercises at the top of the stairs:

  1. Monkey Humpers
  2. Air Claps w/ People’s Chair
  3. Unbalanced Squats (one foot upper step, one foot on lower step)
  4. Lt. Dans

Get it?  BEAR and MAUL?  Just like what happened to Hugh Glass in The Revenant?  Witty, I know. Oh and spoiler alert.

We formed two lines again for another Indian run all the way back to the shovel flag.


  • Reverse Crunch
  • Dying Cockroach
  • Crunchy Frog
  • Upward Dog to a count of 30
  • American Hammer LET FREEDOM RING!


  • The PAX really put out this morning!  I saw the steps at First Pres covered in sweat.  Great job to everyone!
  • Mayor’s brother from Chapel Hill posted – but where was Mayor?


  • ARISE starts the service aspect of the AO tomorrow, Tuesday, May 3.  Bootcamp is at the Grace United Methodist Church parking lot at the corner of Edgeworth and Friendly.  Set up tables at the church for 5-10 minutes to support breakfast for the homeless.  Footloose has the Q.

Amphibious took us out with a ball of man

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!



PAX: 05/02/2016

QIC: I-Beam, Cheesy Poof, Defib, Champ, Tammy, Valentine, Dr. Phil, Birds Nest, Glamour Shot, Boy Wonder, Gilligan, Amphibious, Hackman, Bartman, Scooby Doo, Quicken, Hermey, Amelia, J-Love, Crab Legs, Light Year, Wide Left, Hoser, UGA, Jeeter, Ashley, Beaker, Girth, JR