4 Pax including YHC engaged in a 7 minute scientific workout.  This workout consisted of 14 exercises that are meant to be done 30 sec at a time at a rapid pace.  Of course, this seemed WAY to easy for a F3 beatdown, so YHC added a twisted variable to the workout that made it a 35 min beadown:  Hill repeats!


Head to the track:  25 ssh IC; jog 100 yds; 25 Imperial Walkers IC; Jog 100; 10 Sungods forward on one leg IC; 10 Sungods backwards on the other leg IC Jog 100; 10 Merkins IC jog 100, 20 Hillbillies IC; Jog 100 yds; 5 Abe Vigodas IC

Mosey to the soft ball field to start

THE THANG:  Partner up.  Partner 1 exercises AMRAP while partner 2 runs up the hill to the blue boulder by the track and back.  Flapjack.  Each PAX does all the exercises.

1) SSH

2) Merkins

3) LBCs

4) Step Ups

5) Squats

At this point our FNG arrived.  Poor guy thought it started at 7am.  But he hopped right in and worked hard.

6) Plank-On Elbows

7) Dips

8) Shoulder Tap Merkins

9) High Knees

10) Lunges

11) T-Bar Merkin

12) Side Plank-left on elbow

13) Side Plank-right on elbow

14) Wait for Six- FIVE MINUTE WALL SIT with the Slam Ball.  PAX passed the ball and did  a overhead press ladder going from 1 up to 9 presses during the wall sit.  #brutal

15)  Extra Credit:  RING OF FIRE with the slamball.  IN the plank position, merkins with the ball on each side.  Passed the ball around the circle 6 times.


ABCs (oh yeah)

Low dolly 10 IC

American Hammers 20 IC


-Polo broke my slamball and some weird substance came out of it.  Scary.

-Welcome FNG Thurmanator, Glad to have you with us today!

ANNOUNCEMENT:  YHC needs 2 more PAX to sign up for the Virus meal drop. May 10 and May 17.  Here is the link:  https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/20f0c4aaca72cabfc1-f3meal

COT-Snookie took us out.  Thanks Snookie!




PAX: Polo, Snookie, TPS, Thurmanator(FNG- Jack Kreber), Matlock (QIC)

QIC: Matlock