22 PAX in attendance at the Friday Fringe. No FNG’s…so after a very short welcome, things got started.


One lap around the track then circle up behind the soccer goal.


Imperial Walkers

Hill Billys


Planks while alternating arm/leg raises


Runners Stretch with some torso twist balance stuff…not yoga

Short mosey back to the parking lot for the Thang.

Thang: I pulled this workout from youtube. Instructions below are from the instructor. It is a warm-up routine for Kettlebells and a great core and shoulder stability workout. We completed one set, then took 2 laps around the track. Spring the straight aways…jog the corners. We had 2 deer set the pace for us on the last lap. Nice attempt to catch them Yeti.

Waiters Bow – grab yourself a Kettlebell by the sides of the horn – push the Kettlebell into your belly button – feet a bit wider than shoulder width – keep the knees locked out – keep the back straight – break at the hips and bring the chest towards the ground – keep looking ahead, when looking down the shoulders roll forward – do not go lower when you back starts to arch – great for stretching the hamstrings – work your way towards 90 degrees over time

Halo – great for getting the shoulders and whole upper body ready – focus on a point in front of you – keep your head still – move the bell around the head, not the head around the bell – make a circle around the head with the bell Around The Body – grab the bell by the horn, leaving space for the other hand – hang the bell in front of your leg and bump it out – create a nice round circle around the body – keep the elbows locked out – engage the core and prevent the bell from pulling you in all directions – 20 burpees if you drop the bell – do not stop the bell mid air – catch the bell to stop it and change direction

Swings – you can transition seamlessly into swings – thrust the hip forward but do not hyper extend the back – arms are a pendulum – chest out at the top and shoulders back – break at the hips once the bell comes down – if your lower back hurts look at hip flexibility, that you’re not hyper extending the back or the weight is too heavy – make sure the weight is not too light Swings: move the other arm along with the bell, try not to keep that arm in one position or on the hips.

Lunge And Press: press up as you’re lunging forward.

Spartan Sit: look at the bell, bring the hand flat on the ground inline with the hips, transfer your weight on the hand and foot that’s flat on the ground, push hips up and bring the back leg to the front by coming close to the planted foot and point the knee out. Keep the heel off the ground and maintain position.

45 Degrees Seated Press: gently lower the buttocks to the ground, lean back 45 degrees, engage your core, chest out shoulders back and press up, at top position palm facing out, lock elbow and shoulder out, pull it back down.

Lying Down Side Press: lower your body flat to the ground, keep the bell on the chest, knees slightly bent and up, move the knees away from the side of the bell and come onto your side, while doing so press up, palm facing towards the feet at the top. Bring the knees in and kick the legs out to get back up.

Spartan Side Plank: press the bell up, place the palm flat on the ground, place the foot on the side of the bell flat on the ground, the other leg straight out, raise the hips up, keep your eyes on the bell, bring the straight leg backwards coming onto the knee, now bring the front leg to the side and when comfortable and balanced bring the other leg out straight behind the other one. Make sure the hips don’t sag to the ground or backwards, one straight line from heel to shoulders. When balanced bring one leg up in the air.


Toe Touches


Figure 8’s

Side plank dips


3 for1 led us in American Hammers counting down from 40. Thanks for taking that one…I was toast.


Bodette, take it easy on that back brother.

Snookie has the Q at Lunatic Fringe next Friday. He’s bringing his “log”.

Mendenhall Elem. This Saturday at 7:00 am will be our first family workout. Bring your M’s and 2.o’s for a great morning. Cornwallis Nightmare at 7 am and Cougartown at 6:30 are going on as regularly scheduled.

TPS getting a Spartan Race together at Wintergreen Mountain on 9/25.  Should be an awesome race.  Contact TPS for further information.

Pre-order for F3 Gear closed end of day 4/28. There was some confusion about that this morning.

Look for the weekly email from Scooby Doo to keep up with all of the third F’s and prayer requests.

It seems like some AO’s are running only a week or two ahead on Q’s. Let’s make life a bit easier for each site Q by approaching them to get the schedule filled well ahead of time. I’m happy to co-Q with anyone that might be hesitant. No one cares if you mess up. Harassment is just one of our love languages.

PAX: Sacked, Everest, Boones Farm, Jitter Bug, Brown Noser, Drizzle, TPS, War Eagle, Avacado, 3 for 1, Scooby Doo, Tommy Boy, Flap Jack, Heizenburg, Bundle, Yeti, JLove, Bodette, Snookie, Bed Bug, Long Time, and Nomad.

QIC: Nomad