Local Honey was heating up this morning at we attempted to churn honey into sharpened Iron. Yes, it can be done (According to F3 sources, honey has the same molecular structure as iron). Nine of Natville’s finest conquered the Tabata beatdown along with burpee suicides within the confines of Spinal Tap Deck aka Bellmeade Parking Deck….

Warm-A-Rama (quick)


Plyo Merkins X 10 IC #crowd-pleaser

Mountain Climber X 20 IC

Long mosey to Spinal Tap (Bellmeade Parking Deck)

50 Calf Raises on Stairwell, run to the top floor. Once at the top of the deck, run down performing the following: Chinooks, Sun Gods, Side steps and Karaoke.

Thang I

Honey Tabata –

  • step one – PAX instructed to pick one of the twelve pain stations
  • step two – crank up the tunes
  • step three -set the timer for 41 seconds and perform the posted exercise at that station
  • step four – rotate to the next station when time expires
  • Pain Stations:

    1. Merkins

    2. Mogals

    3. Crab Cakes

    4. Carolina Dry Docks

    5. Sun Gods

    6. Plank

    7. Wojo Squats

    8. Groiners

    9. Monkey Humpers

    10. Windshield Wipers

    11. Rooster

    12. Star Jacks

The PAX made it through 1.5 rounds before time was called.

Thang II

Partner up (size does not matter), one partner runs suicides to three evenly spaced cones, while the other partner does burpees. Goal was to accumulate 70 burpees as a team. Plank until six is in.

6MOM (really 4 minutes)

Crunchy Frog X 20 IC

Superman’s X 15 IC

Flutter Kicks X 20 X IC

Over Under X 15 IC

American Hammer X 25 IC

COT – Snowden took us out


  • Although we enjoyed listing to Pandora’s “Classic Hard Rock” station – they really need to tweak their algorithm
  • Great of mumble chatter this morning from Woody, JR and Mayor
  • Strong effort by the PAX this morning- HazMat and Ugga crushed the Burpees
  • Humidity and sweat  felt like mid summer day
  • #cobains for keeping everyone over the allotted time….hmmm…Secretary was on a glove recovery mission
  • New Saturday AO called Cougar Town located at Kernoodle Middle School – 6:30 start time
  • Rainbow Dash is hosting family day this Saturday (M’s and 2.0’s welcome)

Thanks for allowing me to lead this morning!


PAX: LYnda

QIC: Mayor, JR, Secretary, Snowden, HazMat, Ugga, Woody, Dr. Phil, LYnda