17 PAX started the week off right with their attendance to a pain station bonanza.  J Love was there, even after getting his lunch handed to him at the F3 HTL for showing up 45 seconds late.  Tclaps indeed.  And also Wilson and Xerox posted after killing the BattleFrog on Saturday.  These guys just and get enough of the DRP.  This was Wait Time’s last post before omahaing to Omaha, so YHC brought out all of his toys for a sendoff.  And of course Wait Time came in hot for the warmup…

Warm-o-rama: Mosey to the dark part of the parking lot


10 Merkins IC

15 Imperial Walkers IC

10 Huggers IC

5 Windmills Snookie Style IC

Mosey back to the cars so Wait Time could turn his lights off and then onto…

THE THANG:  Ten Stations, Four 20 lb slamballs, one Thor-like hammer and a bigasstire were arranged for the PAX, with tunes, of course. #morecowbell

STATION 1: 100 Shoulder presses with ball (50 each partner 4 sets of 25, one does press, the other does Jack Webbs) –cone run

STATION 2: Tricep Extensions with ball (80 each partner, 4 sets of 20, one does extensions, the other does six inch leg lift hold,) – cone run

STATION 3:    TIRE FLIP:  20 total  10 each partner

STATION 4:  40 Body Builders (20 each partner, 4 sets of 10,one does the Body Builder, the other does Hammer Holds (straight arm out, holding a 15 lb 3ft hammer, switch arms with each set) cone run

STATION 5:   40 Overhead Ball slams (20 each partner 4 sets of 10-partner does shoulder tap merkins) cone run

STATION 6:   100 American Hammers with ball (50 each partner, 4 sets of 25, one does the hammers, the other does French Fries,) cone run

STATION 7:  100 Carolina dry docks (50 each partner, 10 sets of 10, one does the dry dock the other does air chair) cone run

STATION 8: Find a Picnic Table in the gloom:  80 one legged squats Squats (40 each partner, 4 sets of 20 one does squat, the other does Dips,) cone run

STATION 9:  Merkins (50 Each partner, 10 sets of 10, one does the merkins, the other does crab cakes) cone run

STATION 10:   60 Burpees, (30 each partner, 6 sets of 10) one does the burpees, the other does Flutter Kicks, cone sprint


Jane Fondas: Side plank with leg lift  10 right side IC  with 5 hip dips in the plank position, 10 left side IC with 5 hip dips #crowdpleaser

20 Freddie Mercury IC

10 Marge/Homer

20 American Hammers IC-Called by Wait Time


-No one made it to Station 10.

-holding the hammer is a b-i-atch after doing a bunch of body builders.


-Prayer request for Botox and his family as they are headed to Uganda on June 10.

-Gear order is live and is available until Friday.  75 bucks or more gets you free shipping.

COT:  YHC prayed for Wait Time has he embarks on a new chapter in Omaha.   We are going to miss you Wait Time.  When you plant in Omaha, (not if, but when) Natville will step up for you, brother. Stay in touch.

It was an honor to lead today.





PAX: 04/25/2016

QIC: Matlock