Natville’s newest AO welcomed 9 PAX for a 6:30 ( #justright time)Saturday beatdown. A few of the pax were confused with the multiple parking lots, but figured it out. Long Time had some friends visiting looking for a yard sale. We pax members knew nothing about it, but Yard Sale would have made a great nickname for an FNG. Too bad we have not had success in luring any out to the gloom at this AO. After the usual disclaimer the workout went like this:


Mosey to Track

Seal Jacks x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

String Rippers x 15 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

Mt. Climbers x 15 IC


Run to Carolyn Allen Park. Partner up (size does not matter). complete 3 bear crawls. Partner 1 begins bear crawl from entrance of C.A. Park to outfield fence of baseball diamond. Partner 2 runs to fence does 10 Merkins then back down to relieve partner, Flapjack until bear crawl to fence and back to curb is completed.

Bear Crawl #2- same except for 1 merkin at the turn.

Bear Crawl # 3 – same except for 6 merkins at the turn #just right

Indian run with coupon. (only sprint to front when coupon is passed to you and you are the rear of the line) All pax do a burpee if coupon hits ground.

At parking lot we did #paint_the_lines. Start at one end of a parking area and trace parking spot lines forward, sideways, and back completing a burpee at the end of each line. Continue down the parking area. This was completed for about 6 minutes.

We then did an Indian run around track for one lap. Long time wanted more burpees so he purposely dropped the coupon. Next time check for fowl droppings first. We completed the burpee avoiding the landmines and continued running.

YHC, forgetting that Saturday workouts go for an hour began Mary #1: LBC x 20 IC; CIndy Crawfords x 15 IC each side; LSF x 20 IC; American Hammer x 20 IC. Q was about to stop and start the countoff, but someone said they did not get what they paid for and needed more work.

We then went and did a set of 11s with Wojo squats on one side and CCDs on the other. At completion peoples chair waiting for the six. When six had completed we did BTTW and ended with 3 inverted shoulder presses.

Mosey back to imaginary #shovelflag.


American Hammer x 20 IC


  • T-Claps to the men that completed the #Battlefrog, #Star_city Plant, #12_hour_ruck
  • TPS has started a F3_GSO team for the Spartan Race on Sept. 25 at Wintergreen Mountain. Check with him for details.
  • April 30 is a family workout at #RainbowDash. Ms and 2.0s are invited. 7:00am lunch
  • F3 gear order is open until this Friday 4/29
  • Remember prayers for Johnny and the others on the 3rd F list.

Always an honor to be in the great creation and being entrusted to lead others. Thank you!

PAX: Bodett

QIC: 04/23/16