13 PAX including 2 FNGS brought a high level of energy into the gloom at Cornwallis Nightmare. After opening welcome and disclaimer YHC explained that the workout for today would be focused on strength training with optional running offered during set breaks. With the group ready to go we circled up and began with:


  • Don Quixote  x 15IC
  • Sun Gods      x 15IC ea. direction
  • String Ripper x 15IC
  • Hillbillies        x 15IC
  • Lucky 7’s       x 15IC
  • Spine Stretch x 30 seconds ea direction

Mosey to the Love Dec  and perform Dips     x 30I

Mosey to the center of the large parking lot and circle up in spacing guided by orange cones. Inside the circle were dumbbells of various weights placed there for extra credit. During any exercise a PAX member could garb a dumbbell and add difficulty to the exercise.


Facing inward in a circle we performed 3 exercises increasing the reps by 2 each time. After each segment of 3 exercises the PAX was given the opportunity (individually) to run roughly 100 yards to the sign and back or remain in a plank position and perform exercises as called out. Each PAX member had the opportunity to call out reps as we worked our way up and down the Elevator. Here is how it went.

                                           RD 1   RD 2

  • SHOULDER TAPS      X 20    X 36
  • WW1 SITUPS             X 22    X 34
  • REVERSE LUNGE     X 24    X 32
  • WERKINS                   X 26    X 30
  • C CRAWFORD           X 28    X 28
  • COP HD SQUAT        X 30    X 26
  • MERKINS                   X 32    X 24
  • AMER HAMMER        X 34    X 22
  • AIR SQUATS              X 36    X 20

After completing the first 2 rounds we went around the circle 1. 5 times more with each PAX member choosing an exercise to be performed for 20 reps each.

With time running tight we moseyed back to the Shovel Flag


  • Superman     x 20IC
  • Box Cutter     x 15IC
  • American Hammer x 15IC (Thanks Mario and Iron Man for leading this one)


  1. Stage Fright announced that on May 20-21 there will be an Annual Male Leadership Conference at NCA&T. Part of the State Level PTA. Encouraging strong Male leadership and support for young men in out school system. TClaps Stage Fright on your leadership and involvement.
  2. Butt Fumble announced:
    1. June 4th is the next Community Housing Solutions workday. After the workout and goes from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Let him know if you can help on this needed service in the community
    2. June 24th is the second annual F3 Blood Drive at Cycles De Oro. More information to come, but mark the date.
  3. Houlihan announced that next week is Iron Man’s confirmation. TClaps Iron Man.


  • Thanks Drago, Twinkie, Wait Time, Houlihan, and Stage Freight for helping with the segment counting
  • Thanks On Time for keeping check and advising on the arrival of the 6
  • Observed Hightower and Hit Man giving 110% effort and making progress every workout. Great job men.
  • Awesome having Houlihan bring his 2.0’s and now F3 Men Mario and Iron Man. Welcome guys.
  • Special treat to have one more work out with our man Wait Time before he heads off on his new and exciting journey.

YHC took us out giving thanks for the day and asking special prayers for all our brothers doing CSAUP events on Saturday.

Aye, Sacked




PAX: Hightower, Drago, Butt Fumble, Twinkie, On Time, Wait Time, Hit Man, Stage Fright, Ozark, Mario (FNG – Luka Nikolich), Iron Man (FNG – Gregory Nikolich), Houlihan, Sacked

QIC: Sacked