7 PAX posted for a perfect Spring Saturday morning workout in at Mendenhall Middle School.  After gathering at the shovel flag, the PAX moseyed across the front of the school and up the hill along Willoughby to warm-up.


  • 22 Side Straddle Hops
  • 22 Slow Windmills
  • 22 Sun Gods (11 ea way)
  • 22 Copperhead Squats
  • 22 Copperhead Lunges (11 each leg)

The PAX then executed 2 Burpees sprinted to the bottom of the hill, did 2 more burpees, and sprinted back to the top, and planked waiting on the 6.

The PAX then moseyed to the middle of the school and completed two ladders:

  • Step-up (7 to 1) / Dip (1 to 7) Ladder
  • Step-up (7 to 1) / Derkin (1 to 7) Ladder


To honor America’s veterans and bring awareness to the fact that on average 22 veterans commit suicide today and every day, the PAX executed a beat-down all in repetitions of 22.  For more information, please see the organization’s website: https://www.22kill.com/

The PAX moseyed to the track.  Workout signs were posted instructing the PAX to execute 22 repetitions of an exercise and then run 200 M around the track to the other side and execute another 22 repetitions of another exercise, continuing OYO until time was called.

  1. 22 Merkins (A side)
  2. Run 200 m
  3. 22 Squat Jumps (B side)
  4. Run 200 m
  5. 22 Plankjacks (A side)
  6. Run 200 M
  7. 22 Lunges (11 ea leg) (B side)
  8. Run 200 M
  9. 22 Crunchy Frogs (A side)
  10. Run 200 M
  11. 22 Ballerina Squats (B side)
  12. Run 200 M
  13. 22 Sobriety Sun-Gods (11 ea leg/way) (A side)
  14. Run 200 m
  15. 22 Squatting Air claps (B side)
  16. Run 200 M
  17. 22 Crab Cakes (A side)
  18. Run 200 M
  19. 22 Monkey Humpers (B side)
  20. Run 200 M
  21. 22 Scorpion Dry-docks (A side)
  22. Run 200 M
  23. 22 Turkish Get-Ups (11 ea side) (B side)
  24. Run 200 M

Rinse and repeat

All PAX completed at least one complete circuit (1 ½ miles).


  • 22 LBCs
  • 22 Flutter kicks
  • 22 Hello Dolly’s
  • 22 American Hammer


  • Chips is a board member of the Handy Capable Network, helping developmentally challenged adults by teaching them skills to refurbish computers and then deliver them into the low income community for a small charge. They are celebrating their 10th anniversary this week.  Please reach out to Chips if interested in participating in this great charity. http://www.handycapable.org/
  • Norway looking for folks to join his heart walk team. Please reach out to him if interested.
  • Ewok (2.0) wanted to let everyone know that he would not be able to join the workout next week.  So, please dont be alarmed if he doesnt post for family day.

COT: Buzz

Thanks for the opportunity, men.  Look forward to getting back out with you again soon.

Aye – Wide Left

PAX: Wildcat, Buzz, Norway, Viagra, Chips, Ewok, and Wide Left

QIC: Wide Left